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May 15, 2018 12:37 PM

Go behind Sandringham's clash with Essendon at Trevor Barker Oval on Sunday.

Go behind Sandringham's clash with Essendon at Trevor Barker Oval on Sunday.

VFL REPORT: White and Rice outstanding

Photos by Dave Savell

Sandringham Zebras huddle up
Hugh Goddard
Ray Connellan
Billy Longer and Nathan Freeman
Josh Battle
Ben Paton
Jack Lonie

Sammy’s VFL Review: Round 6

Brandon White 21 disposals, 17 kicks, 4 handballs, three marks

White defended strongly. He held the fort really well all afternoon, defended when he had to and was good with ballin hand.

Bailey Rice 30 disposals, 17 kicks, 13 handballs, three marks, one tackle

Rice has found some good, consistent form, collecting over 25 possessions for the second week in a row. His defensive nouse was excellent – when to support his teammates and when to defend his man – but it was his ball use and decision-making that stood out.

Logan Austin 14 disposals, nine kicks, five handballs, six marks, one tackle

Austin competed strongly, playing on the AFL-listed Mitch Brown and keeping him to just 10 possessions. He didn’t look out of his depth, was aggressive on Brown to keep him scoreless, and supported his teammates when the opportunity presented.

Oscar Clavarino 11 disposals, three kicks, eight handballs, two tackles

Clavarino is developing nicely at Sandringham. His starting point, as well as his ability to come off and provide air support or influence the contest, is one of his real strengths, and can be a real weapon for the side.

Nathan Freeman 28 disposals, 11 kicks, 17 handballs, two tackles

Freeman saw a lot of the ball and performed well, but he needs to get some more mileage into his legs to run games out strongly.

Josh Battle (2.4) 15 disposals, 10 kicks, five handballs, three marks, one tackle

Battle booted two in the first quarter, but he was well-held from then and his influence was diminished.

Ben Paton 22 disposals, 13 kicks, nine handballs, four marks, five tackles

Jack Lonie (0.1) 20 disposals, 15 kicks, five handballs, three marks, six tackles

Daniel McKenzie 14 disposals, 10 kicks, four handballs, two marks, four tackles

Darragh Joyce 
13 disposals, seven kicks, six handballs, two marks, three tackles

Hugh Goddard Six disposals, four kicks, two handballs, two marks, five tackles

Barclay Miller 
Six disposals, three kicks, three handballs, one mark, two tackles

Billy Longer Five disposals, one kick, four handballs, one mark, five tackles

Ray Connellan (1.0) Four disposals, three kicks, one handball, one mark, three tackles