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Saints depth chart

Dinny Navaratnam, AFL Media  September 13, 2018 12:21 PM

AFL Media takes a look at the depth of St Kilda's list.

AFL Media takes a look at the depth of St Kilda's list.

St Kilda

List changes: Sam Gilbert, Nathan Freeman, Hugh Goddard, Darren Minchington, Nathan Wright and Ray Connellan have been delisted, while Koby Stevens has retired.

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Key defenders: Logan Austin, Nathan Brown, Jake Carlisle, Oscar Clavarino
General defenders: Nick Coffield, Jarryn Geary, Darragh Joyce, Daniel McKenzie, Bailey Rice, Dylan Roberton, Shane Savage, Jimmy Webster, Brandon White

Summary: The list is loaded with mid-sized defenders. Coffield will eventually move into the midfield but the rest seem likely to play out their careers as backmen. Brown is still doing his job well but turns 30 in December, with Austin on hand to replace him.

Midfielders: David Armitage, Hunter Clark, Luke Dunstan, Doulton Langlands, Ed Phillips, Seb Ross, Jack Sinclair, Jack Steele, Jack Steven
Ruckmen: Tom Hickey, Billy Longer, Lewis Pierce

Summary: Clark split his time up forward and down back this season but will probably graduate to a midfield role next year. 

Midfielder/forwards: Blake Acres, Jack Billings, Jade Gresham, Ben Long, Jack Newnes, Ben Paton
General forwards: Jack Lonie, Mav Weller
Key forwards: Josh Battle, Josh Bruce, Rowan Marshall, Paddy McCartin, Tim Membrey.


Star onballers with pace and foot skills are the most pressing concern. Help is needed for Steven, Ross and Steele. Once Gresham becomes fitter, he could move in there full-time, although he's so dangerous it's hard to move him away from attack. Furthermore, the forward set-up was sub-par. Some of that was because of injury, but a reliable target up there would help immensely. - Dinny Navaratnam