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AFL dream on Lonie's doorstep

Pick 41 Jack Lonie won't have to travel far to begin his AFL career on Monday morning.

4:35pm  Nov 28, 2014

Sliding doors moment for Goddard, McCartin

Fate of tall Saints recruits could have panned out very differently if a proposed trade from GWS was accepted.

4:24pm  Nov 28, 2014

Saints set for Tyabb carnival

The Saints will return to the Mornington Peninsula next month as part of the Australia Post Community Camps.

3:35pm  Nov 28, 2014

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Dal Santo on preseason training

Nick Dal Santo press conference at Linen House Centre

January 18, 2013  4:20 PM

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Meet Paddy and Hugh

12:50pm Nov 28, 2014

2014 Draft wrap

8:48am Nov 28, 2014

Hugh Goddard backstage interview

9:02pm Nov 27, 2014

Paddy and Hugh celebrate

8:37pm Nov 27, 2014

And the no. 1 pick is...

8:24pm Nov 27, 2014

Roo welcomes Paddy via Skype

8:04pm Nov 27, 2014

Pick 41: Jack Lonie

8:00pm Nov 27, 2014

Pick 22: Daniel McKenzie

7:54pm Nov 27, 2014

Pick 21: Hugh Goddard

7:38pm Nov 27, 2014

Pick 1: Paddy McCartin

7:27pm Nov 27, 2014

Bains on Paddy McCartin

6:23pm Nov 27, 2014

Callum Twomey's late mail

2:40pm Nov 27, 2014

Tony Elshaug: Press Conference

2:01pm Nov 27, 2014