I am a 2021 St Kilda access member. Will I be able to attend if there is a reduced crowd capacity at games? 

If there is a reduced crowd capacity at games, Saints members will be required to redeem a ticket prior to attending. Members will have first opportunity to access available tickets through Ticketmaster via an exclusive booking window.

Can I use my member card to scan in? 

No, members must redeem a seat from the relevant ticketing agent to access games during the 2021 home and away season. We expect that a game-by-game booking process will be in effect for the entirety of the 2021 season to ensure contact tracing ability and social distancing requirements. 

How do I access/redeem my ticket for the game? 

Access members will be assigned a 12-digit barcode number to redeem a ticket prior to a game. Members will be emailed this barcode.

Tickets will become available to club members every Tuesday preceding a home game. St Kilda will send a courtesy email reminder prior to bookings opening. Please ensure your membership contact details, especially your email address, are up to date so you do not miss these communications.

Members will be allocated one of three group booking windows to access available tickets determined by membership type: 

Level 2 Reserved Seat
Level 2 Ultimate Reserved Bays
MCC Level 2 Reserved Bays
1 Tuesday, 1pm
(week of home game)
Level 1 Wing  1 Tuesday, 1pm
(week of home game)
Level 1 Behind the Goals Reserved Seat
Level 1 Reserved Bays
Level 3 Reserved Seat
2 Tuesday, 3pm
(week of home game)
General Admission  3 Tuesday, 5pm
(week of home game)
$0 or reserved seat upgrade if available 

e strongly recommend members create and sign into their Ticketmaster account ahead of the priority booking window to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Will there be a cost to redeem a ticket? 

Reserved Seat and Reserved Area members will not be charged any fees to redeem a ticket for home games at Marvel Stadium. 

General Admission members will also be able to redeem a ticket on level 3 from available inventory at no extra charge but also have the ability to upgrade their seat to a higher category on Level 1 or 2 for a fee and subject to availability.  

What happens once my booking group window passes? 

The booking window times above are the exclusive period that each group will have access to redeem a ticket. Once the exclusive booking window elapses, members in each booking group will still be able to access tickets, albeit not exclusively as members in the next booking group will also have access to the available tickets. Ticket redemptions will temporarily close at 8am, the Wednesday of a home game at Marvel Stadium while opposition members with Home and Away access have access to tickets between 10am and 12pm. At 1pm, all available tickets will be opened for members of the general public to purchase. Access members will still be able to use their barcodes to redeem any available tickets. 

I am a reserved seat member. Can I sit in my reserved seat? 

No, due to social distancing requirements you will not be automatically assigned your reserved seat until further notice. During your booking group window, once you enter your member barcodeyou will be able to pick a level of seating from those available and then be assigned the best available seat at that time. 

Though we aren’t able to guarantee allocations, the club and the AFL have done everything possible to give members the best opportunity to secure a seat that is within the same category as originally purchased when booking during the assigned booking group windows. Seats will be assigned on a first in basis. 

Will group seating be available? 

Members will be able to redeem seats together and sit in groups of up to six. In order to do so, members must enter the barcodes of all members of their group within one transactionUnfortunately, group sizes larger than six are not possible. 

Will I be able to buy tickets for a non-member and still sit together? 

The exclusive group booking windows are for members only in order to ensure that members rightfully receive first access to all available ticket inventory. Members wishing to attend with friends must wait until available tickets go on sale to the general public on Wednesday at 1pm and transact together to guarantee seating together. As we aren’t able to guarantee there will be a release of tickets to the general public if member redemption exhausts all available allocation, we strongly recommend supporters purchase a membership to give themselves the best chance at securing a ticket. 

Will I be able to redeem a ticket with a member in a different booking group and still sit together? 

Members in different booking groups wanting to sit together will have to book in the booking group order of the member with the latest booking window. For example, a member in booking group 1 who wishes to sit with a member in booking group 3 will have to book during the booking group 3 exclusive window. 

Can I pick the specific seats I would like to sit in? 

Unfortunately, to ensure that proper social distancing measures are in place, members are not able to pick specific seats they would like to sit in. Seats will be assigned by the system which will also manage various group sizing combinations as well as social distancing requirements. 

What can I do if I am not happy with the “best available” seats I am being offered on the Ticketmaster platform? 

Members will be able to pick from available levels of seating from a drop-down box. Once selected, the best available seating will be displayed. Members are able to re-start the process and make a new selection however we do no recommend this as there is no guarantee that you will get seat options that are more favourable when re-attempting. This may also cause delays to your booking processOnce the booking process is complete, tickets assigned are final and cannot be changed. We strongly recommend you nominate the category of tickets that aligns with your membership category.

I am a L1 reserved bay member or L2 Ultimate bay member, can I access guest passes? 

Unfortunately, due to restricted stadium capacity constraints, the club has decided that members should have first and exclusive access to any available inventory. Guest passes will not be available for purchase/redemption while stadium capacity restrictions are in place. 

Will I still have first right to my reserved seat in the future? 

The current measures in place are temporary until such time as advised by the AFL/ government’s social distancing rules. Loosely, we expect this would be in place until crowds are back at 100% of the venue’s capacity. Members with reserved seats will still have first rights to their sit in their seat once this is possible. We will continue to work with the AFL who in turn will work with the Victorian government to determine when this will be possible. 

Why do AFL Members get access to tickets prior to Saints Members? 

AFL members have access to only selected and limited inventory within Marvel Stadium which is outside of members’ reserved seating areas. This has been done to ensure that all unredeemed inventory following the booking window is then added back to member seating quantities to ensure that there is no wasted inventory and to give members have first access to any unredeemed seating bays at Marvel Stadium. 

I hold home and away membership. How do I access a ticket for away games at Marvel or MCG? 

An allocation of tickets will be available for all opposition club members with home and away access. The booking process is identical to that which needs to be followed for home games, except that tickets will be made available on Wednesday at 10am-12pm from available inventory following the exclusive booking window for home members. Any unredeemed seats will be made available to the general public for purchase at 1pm however, home and away members may still redeem a ticket during this period at no extra charge, subject to availability. 

I am an Interstate member. How do I gain access to tickets in my state? 

All interstate members will receive an email the week of the game in their state with information regarding the booking process. If you live in a different state to the one in which the game is being played that week and wish to attend, please contact the membership team a week prior to the game to allow enough time to work with the AFL and home club to switch your entitlements to a different game. 

How do I redeem a seat if I have accessible seating requirements?

Members who require wheelchair and accessible seating can contact Ticketmaster’s Marvel Stadium Accessible Seating Hotline on 1300 883 622 or email accessibletickets@ticketmaster.com.au. The Ticketmaster Accessible Bookings team are available 9:00AM – 7:00PM AEST, Mon-Fri and forms should be completed as early as possible and at least 24 hours prior to the event.

What do I do if I experience issues with the booking process on the date of the on-sale? 

We understand this is a new process for everyone and strongly encourage all members to pay particular attention to your specific on sale window and the booking instructions and booking tips provided. Any issues regarding your ability to book tickets should be directed to the Ticketmaster helpline on 1300 883 622. St Kilda staff do not have the ability to book tickets on a member’s behalf under any circumstancesSt Kilda staff will be able to assist with barcode information as well as on-sale dates, times, booking window times and general assistance with navigating the Ticketmaster website but tickets must be booked under a member’s Ticketmaster account. 

I am a Cheersquad member. How do I access seating in the Cheersquad? 

Cheersquad members will be emailed weekly with a special link to redeem inventory from the allocated cheersquad (L1 Aisle 25, for home games). It can vary for away games depending on the opposition. 

I do not have access to a computer or smart phone. How do I redeem a ticket? 

Members who do not have the ability to book online may do so by calling the Ticketmaster helpline on 1300 883 622. Please have your barcodes along with any others in your booking group ready to ensure a smooth booking process. Tickets booked via the helpline will either be emailed to an email address you provide or in the absence of an email address, be available for a venue collection.  

I am not a member. How do I get access? 

Any tickets not redeemed during the member on-sale will be made available to the general public for sale. We anticipate there will be very limited (if any) tickets remaining for the general public after the member on-sales unless capacity restrictions are eased significantly throughout the season. 

There will be no ticket sales at the gate at Marvel Stadium on game day 

Can I purchase a membership on game day? 

Memberships will not be available for purchase on gameday. Please call the club on 1300 467 246 a week prior to game day to ensure you are able to receive priority access to member group booking windows for that game week.