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I am a Saints reserved seat holder. How do the recent changes announced by the AFL affect my access to AFL games?

The recent changes announced by the AFL mean that:

  • St Kilda Reserved seat holders are able to return to their season seats for the first time this season.
  • The weekly ticket redemption process that was in place for Reserved Seat Members for Rounds 1-8 is no longer required for reserved seat holders.
  • As per previous seasons, reserved seats will be held for members irrespective of whether they attend or not. Seats will remain unoccupied if unused.
  • Members with reserved seats will now need to access their digital membership card for home games at Marvel Stadium via a digital membership card downloadable via their Saints membership account in the Saints App as opposed to going through Ticketmaster website.
  • The digital membership card for reserved seat holders will have your season seat listed along with a barcode to access that particular game.
  • Reserved seat members will need to download a new ticket for each home game they wish to attend
  • Entry to Marvel Stadium will be locked to the gate listed on your digital membership card i.e. you will not be able to enter via any gate other than the one listed on your card.

What is a Digital Membership Card?

An alternative to a physical, plastic card, this is a barcode that can be accessed on your phone and scanned to enter the ground at any Saints game at Marvel Stadium. You will be able to access it through the official Saints App. Please note: digital membership cards only apply to reserved seat holders.

How do I access my digital membership card?

Reserved seat holders can access their digital membership cards by clicking here and following the steps listed. Reserved Bays and General Admission members will need to continue the booking process as per Rounds 1-7 this year via Ticketmaster.

How do I access my digital membership card if I do not have a smartphone?

We would recommend contacting the Saints Membership team on 1300 467 246 to arrange print at home tickets for you, or to arrange venue collection.

I have family members - can I swap between tickets?

Yes, you can! You can switch between each family members account by clicking on your name at the top of the page and selecting their name. Make sure you add the tickets to your wallet or passbook so you can easily swap between tickets at the gate.

For visual instructions on how to swap between accounts, please click here.

What is the need/benefit of having digital only access to Marvel Stadium?

In previous years, your membership card would have been printed with a barcode, and you could have simply headed to a match and scanned in at the turnstiles.

In 2021, with government-approved COVID-safe plans requiring that venues be divided in to ‘zones’, members must now enter the venue through a specific gate, which has changed how barcodes are generated. This gate number will feature on digital membership cards but is not printed on physical membership cards.

Additionally, through digital membership cards, reserved seat holders are easily able to forward their seat to a friend or family member to use if they are unable to attend. Details of the new attendee will still need to be captured by the system to ensure contact tracing requirements are met.

There are also other benefits of going digital-only, including being able to adapt to any unforeseen fixture changes throughout the season and members no longer having to wait to receive their card before they can go to a game.

With that in mind, we want to remind you that any plastic membership cards previously provided to members cannot be used to gain access to matches.

To access your digital membership card, please click here and follow the steps.

I am a General Admission or Reserved Bays member. How do the recent changes announced by the AFL affect my access to AFL games?

As a General Admission or Reserved Bays member, the process to attend games remain unchanged. Members in these categories will still be required to book a ticket via Ticketmaster and be assigned a dedicated seat in the venue for games they wish to attend.

How do I know if I am a Reserved Bays or Reserved Seat member?

If you discussed and purchased a dedicated allocated seat with a Saints staff member or renewed a specific reserved seat from a previous season, you are a reserved seat holder. All other access members will either have Reserved Bay or General Admission membership. Reserved Bays members get priority seating within a certain bay but are not allocated a dedicated seat for the season.

As a Reserved Bays or General Admission member, why do I still need to continue to book a seat to access games at Marvel Stadium?

As part of the state government’s approval of the AFL return to crowds, effective contact tracing is a must to ensure that in the event that is required, the ticketing agents are able to provide the seating location and contact details of all patrons in the ground to the relevant authorities.

Will zones still apply inside Marvel Stadium?

Yes, Marvel will still operate under seating zones and patrons will not be permitted to move out of the zone that their allocated match day seat falls into.

Will I be able to redeem guest passes as part of my CREST benefits or member entitlements?

Unfortunately, complimentary guest passes as part of the CREST benefit program will not be available until venue capacities return to a 100%. This is to ensure that all Saints members who wish to attend a Saints game receive first priority to any available inventory.

If I am unable to attend the game, am I able to forward my tickets to a friend to attend?

Yes. As a reserved seat holder, you are able to forward your ticket to a friend to attend. For contact tracing purposes, this must be done through your membership account either on the Saints App or online by logging into your My Account Manager here. For instructions on how to forward your reserved seat to a friend, click here.

If you are a reserved bay area or General Admission member, you may forward tickets you have redeemed through the member redemption process via the Ticketmaster app. Please note, tickets in your membership account or in your Ticketmaster app cannot be screenshotted and shared with friends as the QR code changes periodically for security purposes.

Your ticket recipient must receive the ticket via the Ticketmaster App and provide their contact details while doing so. Ticket forwarding must be completed at least one hour prior to gates opening for the game they are attending to ensure barcodes can be synced into the ticketing system.

Ticket Forwarding Terms and Conditions

- Ticket forwarding, once completed, is final and the ticket recipient becomes the owner of the seat for that particular game.
- The original owner of the ticket loses visibility and control over who occupies that seat on gameday St Kilda FC or Ticketmaster are not liable for unauthorised use or re-forwarding on of member seats and are not able to assist in the event that the original seat owner changes their mind and wishes to recover their seat for a particular game.
- Please be considerate of your fellow reserved seat holders when forwarding your seat. St Kilda strongly recommends not forwarding your seat to an opposition supporter
- The member code of conduct still applies to the original seat holder after the seat has been forwarded. If there is a breach of the code of conduct by the recipient of a forwarded ticket, the original seat holder will still be held accountable and subject to any penalties as a result of action or behaviour that violates the member code of conduct
- Ticket forwarding must be completed at least one hour prior to gates opening for the game your recipient wishes to attend to ensure barcodes can be synced into the ticketing system