We're pleased to announce the return of Reserved Seat holders to their seats!

Please note that you will still need to access your membership through your mobile device on game day. Below are some helpful tips on how to do so.

Got a question? View our FAQs here or scroll to the bottom of this page for some answers specific to Reserved Seat holders

Unable to attend the game? Click here to learn how you can forward tickets

Your ticket will be available to add to your Digital Wallet the Monday of each game

How do I know if I am a Reserved Seat member?

If you discussed and purchased a dedicated (and allocated seat) with a Saints staff member, or renewed a specific reserved seat from a previous season, you are a reserved seat holder. All other access members will either have Reserved Bays or General Admission membership - for information on the booking process for Reserved Bays and General Admission members, click here.

I have family members - can I swap between tickets?

Yes, you can! You can switch between each family members account by clicking on your name at the top of the page and selecting their name. Make sure you add the tickets to your Digital Wallet so you can easily swap between tickets at the gate.

For visual instructions on how to swap between accounts, please click here.

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