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Tips before Tuesday:

  1. Ensure you have your 12-digit barcode number plus all the barcode numbers of other members that you wish to redeem for. A transaction limit of six (6) will apply. These have been sent to you via email.
  2. Make sure you have created a Ticketmaster account and have these login details handy! You will need to login so that Ticketmaster can email your tickets to you, we recommend you downloading the Ticketmaster app for ease
  3. Be ready to redeem your tickets - you can view the booking windows for different groups here

Please note that due to current capacity limits, no guest passes will be available so you will only be able to book for yourself and other eligible members.

Remember: Member Cards will not provide access to scan into Marvel Stadium.

What to expect Tuesday

  1. Click the ticketing link in your email and enter your member barcode
  2. You will be able to book a ticket using your member barcode. A transaction limit of six (6) will apply
  3. Click on "Unlock Member Tickets", then enter your barcode and click "Validate".
  4. If booking for multiple members, please enter your membership barcode along with any additional members you are booking for (one below the other with no spaces, commas or full stops). Please note: all members will need a valid barcode to redeem their complimentary ticket.
  5. Please ensure if booking in a group, you assign one person to be the group organiser as you won’t be able to use the barcode in multiple bookings or change allocations after you have booked
  • Once you select your Ticket Quantity, but before you try and find tickets, please filter by Price & Section (rather than Best Available) and select seats in the area of your membership. 
  • Progress through account login and delivery method selection (Mobile only) 

Every patron above 12 months old will require a ticket, so if attending with anyone under 5 years old, please select the Under 5 option during the booking process to include a ticket and seat for them. There will be no extra charge for this.

Due to health and safety regulations, members will be required to use mobile ticketing to scan their ticket to enter the games this year. Paper tickets and physical membership cards cannot be scanned to gain entry.

Wheelchair and Accessible Seating  

Please call Ticketmaster's Accessible Seating Line if you have Wheelchair, Companion Card or Special Needs booking requirements.

Telephone Number(s): 1300 446 925 or Email: Email your Accessible Seating request to Please ensure you include the Event Name, Venue, Date and Time along with your contact details.

Service Hours:Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm; Saturday - Sunday 9am - 5pm AEST

For future games

Before each game, we will communicate to the relevant members and provide information on the capacity limits and the process you will need to follow to redeem tickets.

During the member redemption, members will be assigned a digital ticket from Ticketmaster, which can be saved to the 'wallet' on their phone. Click here for tips.

Your need to know ticketing/access hub is here.

A step by step guide to the ticket redemption process can be found here.