The booking process for Reserved Bay members will remain the same as it was throughout the 2021 season.

Please note: Members with a reserved bay product do not have a dedicated reserved seat pre-allocated and consequently will still be required to book tickets through Ticketmaster using their member barcode during the dedicated member on-sale period to secure an allocated seat in the venue and enable the club to remain COVID compliant. 

How do I know if I am a Reserved Bays or Reserved Seat member? 

If you discussed and purchased a dedicated allocated seat with a Saints staff member or renewed a specific reserved seat from a previous season, you are a reserved seat holder. All other access members will either have Reserved Bay or General Admission membership. Reserved Bays members get allocated a specific seat within nominated bays per game upon completing a booking process. This seat is likely to be different for each game.

What bays are included within the Level Two Reserved Bay Membership? 

The below bays are located within our Level Two Reserved Bays: 

Level 2, Aisles 25-28 
Level 2, Aisles 29-30 & 41-42 Rows H-U only 
Level 2, Aisles 42-44 
Level 2, Aisles 46 

As a Reserved Bays member, why do I still need to continue to book a seat to access games at Marvel Stadium? 

While Reserved Bay members have an additional layer to securing their seat for a gameday, this product allows members the flexibility to buy guest passes and have non-members sit with them as well as the certainty of a set seat in advance that ensures that members (and their guests) don’t have to worry about showing up early to get a good seat or hunt around for available seating in crowded reserved bays across the stadium on matchday.

If you are heading to a home game at Marvel Stadium, you will need the following for ticket redemption:

  • A Ticketmaster link directing you to the game day event for that specific round. Due to the potential changing environment, this link could arrive in your inbox as late as the day before the on-sale.
  • Your 12-digit barcode number plus all the barcode numbers of other members that you wish to redeem for. There is a strict limit of 10 members per group. Login to your MySaints account here to view your barcode number.
  • A Ticketmaster account. Create/login to your Ticketmaster account prior to the booking window being opened. This will make the booking process a lot smoother and allow Ticketmaster to send your tickets to you. Please note, your Ticketmaster account is different to your Saints membership account. 

As a Reserved Bay Member, will I be able to purchase guest passes?

Yes, you will be able to purchase guest passes, however limits may vary from game to game. This will be outlined in the email communication that will arrive with instructions on how to redeem your ticket. Please note guest passes will be available through Ticketmaster via the member on-sale, however once the GP on-sale begins if you still haven’t purchased your guest passes you will need to do so by contacting the club.