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Danny Frawley Centre

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On the field, Danny Frawley displayed all the attributes of a true Saint: toughness, loyalty, courage and heart.

They were qualities that made his teammates stand taller and want to play beside him, and traits which warranted irrefutable admiration from the St Kilda faithful.

But another of Danny’s most humbling characteristics was his honesty, particularly when it came to speaking openly about mental health.

The Danny Frawley Centre for Health & Wellbeing is a state of the art purpose built facility located at RSEA Park in Moorabbin, creating a place of belonging for anyone who steps foot through the doors.

With an opportunity for St Kilda Football Club to celebrate the life of Danny and immortalise his legacy as both a St Kilda champion and advocate for mental health, the centre's vision is to continue this legacy where everyone is welcome and endeavouring to look after their health & wellbeing.

Patrons are provided with the opportunity to attend a number of programs suitable for all ages including swimming classes, recreational swimming, group fitness classes and hydrotherapy services.

The centre will not only be a unique asset and a key differentiator for St Kilda Football Club, but will be a game-changer in Australian sport for both current and past athletes, as well as for the greater community.

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Individual and corporate donors can support the Danny Frawley Centre for Health & Wellbeing via the ASF. Both Public and Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) can also support the Centre via the Australian Sports Foundation Charitable Fund, which is both charitable and has DGR Item 1 status.

This donation will contribute to helping support programs and community engagement events that will run through the Danny Frawley Centre for Health & Wellbeing. Your generous support and financial contribution is important for the successful outcomes we will be delivering for the community.

Contact Adam Aiello so that your organisation can be guided through the process for ensuring charitable donation protocols are met.



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