St Kilda will again don its Pride Guernsey this Saturday against Sydney in celebration of the annual Pride Game.

The guernsey celebrates the journey of diversity and community and was designed following extensive consultation with the LGBTQIA+ community and key club stakeholders, including St Kilda players.

The front of the guernsey features the modern-day Pride flag, which includes colours to represent the trans, Indigenous and persons of colour communities, as well as the traditional rainbow. This element is key to demonstrating the intersectionality of the LGBTQIA+ community and other minority communities and the importance of them in the St Kilda family.

The rainbow continues onto the back of the guernsey, with the colours branching upward to illustrate the club’s continual growth and room for further progression.

Within the individual colours, names of organisations which have hosted Pride Cup events are featured, starting with the first one in Yarra Glen in 2014. This year's guernsey has received a slight update from last year's design to incorporate a total of 275 sporting clubs and organisations who have held their own Pride Cup events.

Since starting with Australian Rules Football, Pride Cup events have now taken place in several sporting codes right across the country. From one game in the gateway to the Yarra Valley, to more than 415 clubs across the country, Pride Cup and its AFL counterpart Pride Game has come a long way in eight years.

This year's Pride merchandise, including a guernsey and scarf, is now available for purchase at