Aaron Hamill spoke exclusively with saints.com.au to run through the individual performance of each Saint in Sandringham’s 10-point victory over Coburg.

David Armitage
20 disposals, 17 kicks, seven tackles

“Another impressive performance today from Dave.  It’s a good duo [with Hannebery] in there – trio with Brede Seccull – but I really, really liked his inside stuff.  The thing with Dave is that we’ve probably seen another dimension of his game in terms of his footy nous with not having a ruckman.  His ability to shark at the right time and ability to lead and marshal the troops was critical for us again today up against a bonafide ruckman.  I thought he controlled the game for us well by foot and because he’s got good game nous, he was able to do that.”

Oscar Clavarino
10 disposals, six marks, six kicks

“I thought Clav was good, he’s starting to really get his positioning around what’s happening up the field in terms of his defence.  So when he’s able to do that, he puts himself in a better [position] to use his strength which is his marking, so he’s got a really good balance now of when to mark it and when to kill it.  His decision-making by foot is strong for us too.  We really like Clav and the way he’s going, and he’s another one clearly in the development phase, but we like what he’s doing for us.”

Dan Hannebery
24 disposals, 19 handballs, five tackles

“I thought he moved well, got his hands on the ball a lot.  His stoppage work was good, as was his inside contested work.  He admitted that he handballed a little bit too much and didn’t use his legs enough, but I really liked his game.  Putting together a solid hit-out [was] the most important part, and he got through well.  We just thought we’d keep it to three quarters just to nurse him on through, so his performance was pleasing on the whole.”

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Max King
Nine disposals, five marks, three goals

“He probably could have had his fair share on the board, but the pleasing part was how Max was getting it.  That’s the most important part about how he was able to get his marks, opportunities and scoring shots.  He’s competing really strongly for us, he’s competing in the right manner and there’s still plenty to work on.  It’s really important that he keeps developing the right way and we review strongly.”

Doulton Langlands
20 disposals, three marks, one goal

“He just keeps improving the right way, Doults.  He’s a product of hard work and we really like the way he’s going.  His wing roles are really strong for us with his patterns, but his inside work is really good and as good as any out there.  We threw him the middle when Hanners came off in the fourth.  We’ve just got to be able to keep skilling him up in that area with all his different positions within the ground, but I thought his stuff inside was solid and his outside run and shape as a winger was really positive.”

Jack Mayo
11 disposals, seven marks, one goal

“Early days, but we liked what we saw.  It’s been a busy week for Jack; he was on the bird on Monday and then training Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, so it was always [going to be] a challenge implementing him into the group.  But I thought he moved well, his forward craft and his decision-making seemed quite good.  A fair bit to work with for Jack in terms of what he’s got, and he’ll keep developing in the right way hopefully, but good signs.  He can mark it at the highest point, his ability to get to the outlet and get to the exits help, and he seems to have a presence at ground level through his repeat speed, so he seems to have some good attributes that are going to enable him to play some good footy.”

Bailey Rice
12 disposals, 10 kicks, five marks

“Ricey will be at times forward, at times back.  We think he’s really good with both parts of the ground, we think his decision-making is very good, as is his work by foot, and he doesn’t lose contest.  He’s hard to claim the boy because there’s a fair bit of him, but we like him down back and we like him up forward, but we were able to swing him back this week which was good.” 

Brandon White
26 disposals, 21 kicks, seven marks, four tackles

“He’s a beauty, Whitey.  He’s obviously put another one together in the mid-20s and he was really strong and was able to set us up.  He’s our quarterback really, especially with Hindy, Pato and co. out of the side.  He keeps putting his name up and the important part is he can deliver consistent performances.”