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VFL Player Breakdown: Round 14 v Coburg

Jack Billings – 45 possessions (20 contested) at 77.8 per cent, 8 marks, 5 clearances and 5 tackles

“JB got plenty of the ball playing on the wing and always uses the ball well and set up many attacks through his sound decision making going forward. Sometimes he was caught out of position, but overall a really good return from Jack.”

Jack Sinclair – 36 possessions (14 contested), 10 inside 50s, 8 tackles and 7 clearances

“Jack has been really building over the last few weeks and this was the best game he has produced all season at VFL level. He struck through the line of the ball consistently and was our best clearance player.”

Jack Lonie – 25 possessions (9 contested), 5 score assists, 4 tackles, 3 inside 50s and 1.2

“Lones played as a fifth and sixth mid and got a fair bit of the ball. He used the ball really well between the arcs and made the most of his chances in front of goal. Jack leaves his mark on the game when he works up the ground and then gets back in front and square.”

Brenton Payne – 24 possessions at 87.5 per cent, 10 marks, 4 tackles and 4 clearances

“Payney played his best game at VFL level to date gathering 24 possessions and 10 marks in an encouraging performance. He held cover very well and saved the day on a few occasions, but can second guess himself at times.”

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St Kilda Assistant Coach Adam Kingsley speaks to midfielder Jack Billings at a break on the weekend.

Nick O’Kearney – 21 possessions (16 uncontested) at 85.7 per cent, 7 marks and 2 tackles

“Another positive performance by Nick. He worked high up the ground and got used on outlet then reset forward into the pockets or in to space in front of him. Another good building block for him.”

Tom Lee – 18 possessions, 7 marks (4 contested) and 4 rebound 50s

“Stood out with his leadership – strong directional voice assisted his teammates. A good performance by Tom, dropped off really well to impact in the air and support his teammates.”

Nick Coughlan – 17 possessions at 82.4 per cent, 6 marks and 3 tackles

“Nick wasn’t quite as productive as his last game, but he got across and supported his teammates well. Contest consistency will be important for his development going forward.”

Lewis Pierce – 19 hitouts, 16 possessions and 4 marks

“Tough conditions for big men but Lewy brought strong aggression and follow up all day. He got his hands on the ball in the ruck and when forward he provided a strong target.”

Dangerous forward Cameron Shenton takes a strong mark against Coburg on Saturday.

Bailey Rice – 13 possessions, 3 rebound 50s and 2 tackles

“Ricey did a good job on Ahmed Saad, restricting him to two goals despite being often in one-on-one situations inside 50. He won some good one-on-ones although did lack some concentration at times.”

Jason Holmes – 13 hitouts, 13 possessions and 4 tackles

“Holmesy gave great effort and rucked well when in there. He took some really strong contested marks and looked to more on the move as a forward which was a positive but he found himself out of position at vital times inside 50.”

Cam Shenton – 12 possessions (8 contested), 5 tackles, 3 tackles and 3.3

“Another team orientated performance by Cam. He continues to make the ground big, to provide options on outlet and then resets forward to present back at the kicker. Six shots on goal again highlights his damage in front of goal.”

Billy Longer – 17 hitouts, 9 possessions and 2 tackles

“Billy rucked well but it was his contest as a forward that was really pleasing. He didn’t get a lot of marks or possessions but brought the ball to ground and followed up with pressure at ground level.”

Joe Baker-Thomas – 7 possessions and 1 mark

“JBT took a step forward on the weekend, building his game in different areas. He was good at identifying when to leave his man and support his teammates.”

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