St Kilda skipper Jarryn Geary will return to where it all started when the Saints return to their spiritual home in Moorabbin later this month.

The 29-year-old arrived at the club as a speculative rookie pick at the end of 2006, scooped up with the fifth last pick in that year’s entire draft class before gradually climbing up the ranks at the Saints, where he has graduated to the highest rank as captain.

After moving from Linton Street to Linen House Centre in 2010, Geary and the Saints will pack up in a fortnight’s time and move back to RSEA Park on the eve of the season.

“My first five years were at Moorabbin and I loved it,” Geary told the Herald Sun over the weekend.

“It was a real community where you could walk down the shops and everyone was a part of the club.

“It will great to get back there and have a real community hub for your family to come in as well.”

The return to Moorabbin isn’t the only date circled on people’s calendars this month.

A week after the boxes are unpacked, the Saints open their 2018 campaign against Brisbane, before meeting North Melbourne a week later on Good Friday.

Geary, who took the reins from St Kilda’s longest-serving captain at the start of last year, said the club is thrilled to be involved in the marquee fixture.

“The club hasn’t played in too many big games over the past few years, so hopefully we can turn Good Friday into something special,” Geary said.

“As players, we have gone into the hospital to visit the kids. There are some really sad stories there but also many great stories that come out.

“You see the families who spend so much time there. Now, being a father, I can’t imagine what they are going through.

“So to be a part of the day, and to hopefully help out some more, we are really looking forward to it.”