Australian Rules is an emotional game, and yesterday, emotions poured out of Saints fans in more ways than one.

It might not have been a full house at Etihad Stadium, but almost 15,000 of the St Kilda faithful certainly made their presence felt.

Casting aside a torrid few weeks, the determined supporters were in full voice late, trying to will their team to the unlikeliest of victories.

Like an exuberant child trying to shrug off a nagging cold, the Saints played like they had been locked away indoors for too long.

There were glimpses of their best: manic pressure that evolved into explosive forward surges. Big goals from Luke Dunstan and Paddy McCartin shaped the game, while Tom Hickey and Jack Sinclair made a statement with their performance.

However, there were also coughs and splutters, poor conversion, unforced errors and lapses in concentration.

But late in the game, when it looked like the Saints could veer towards a respectable loss, the crowd intervened.

For those who were part of the roar inside the stadium, it was an unforgettable 10 minutes.

With the players out on their feet, the fans stood on theirs, producing a devastating din as the young Saints charged home.

The crowd leapt to life when Ben Long produced an ace from the pack, bending one home from the boundary line.

Minutes later they went all in when Paddy McCartin stood tall and kicked straight.

The Saints army were in full voice as the seconds ticked down, injecting energy into the tired legs of Jade Gresham to level the scores.

But they saved their best for last.

With the footy seemingly trapped between contests, it was suddenly prized open for one final assault on victory.

Crowd favorite Jack Steven seemed to grow wings as he surged down the outer side as the fans sensed the moment.

Ultimately it wasn’t to be.

History will show the scores tied at the final siren, the Saints denied by millimeters, finger tips and perhaps the blow of a whistle.

The euphoric feeling so desperately sought replaced by the stark reality of a draw.

For the faithful, they walked away with the two points and one very promising sign.

The cold was breaking and there was better health ahead.

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