St Kilda’s General Manager of Football has reiterated the importance of holding onto pick No. 4 in this year’s National Draft, citing the depth of the incoming talent pool as a major factor.

“Obviously, Carlton and Gold Coast have got 1, 2 and 3, and we’re sitting with pick 4,” he said on the Dare Drink it Through Podcast on Monday afternoon.

“Our recruiters are very excited about (pick 4) in a very talented and top-ended draft, so we’ll have some contemplations there about who we will take.

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“It’s new rules this year, so the picks can be traded all the way until November 16, then the draft order will be finalised and communicated. Then on draft night, you’ll be able to trade your picks as well, so pick 4 is a valuable one.”

But he also confirmed the Saints may be open to putting their prized pick on the trade table if the offer were lucrative enough.

“There may be some clubs that want to entertain trying to acquire that pick from us,” he said.

“It would need to be a significant opportunity for us to entertain it, but there’ll be five weeks of that, and that will be interesting.”

In this episode:

Host Clair White is re-joined by St Kilda General Manager of Football Simon Lethlean to discuss the Dan Hannebery and Dean Kent deals, the medical check process, the Tom Hickey trade, a Trade Period summary, Pick 4, two new re-signings and incoming Leadership Consultant Billy Slater.

Episode guide:

0:44 – Dan Hannebery

1:27 – Dean Kent

2:23 – Medical checks

4:48 – Tom Hickey

6:15 – Trade Period summary

7:17 – Pick 4

8:11 – New re-signings

9:23 – Billy Slater