David Armitage
17 disposals, four tackles, one goal

“Went down with concussion which was unfortunate for us, halfway through the third.  He’ll go through the normal protocol, but he’s been outstanding for us over the past few weeks.”

Hunter Clark
31 disposals, 14 kicks, one goal

“Hunter was very good in what he was able to produce with hand and foot.  He had a fair bit of his speed back, looked good inside, good with his hands and he’s a really good decision-maker, so I thought he performed strongly.  His confidence today was where it needs to be and his transition work was solid.”

Oscar Clavarino
12 disposals, seven kicks, five marks

“Clav’s second game back, similar to Kingy.  Been out for the past ten weeks, first game back last week so he’ll slot in and keep moving forward.  There was a lot to like about Oscar’s positioning and we know he didn’t quite clunk every one he went for, but he’s showing some really good signs for us.”

Nick Coffield
22 disposals, 14 kicks, six marks

“We know Nick’s really composed with ball in hand and he makes the right decisions on the whole.  He didn’t get everything right, but we’d rather him take the game on and do what he does and it’s really good for his learning and development.  He defended well for us and I thought his contest stuff was good, so in all three phases he was solid.”

Nick Hind
22 disposals, 14 kicks, three tackles

“He probably wasn’t as dynamic as what he’s been, Hindy, but he defended strongly and I think his positioning around the stoppage was good for us.”

Darragh Joyce
16 disposals, 16 kicks, eight marks, one goal

“Darragh’s just improving with every game he plays, whether it be VFL or AFL.  His game sense is picking up, he’s getting some good output in terms of what he’s been able to do with his positioning around defence, which is a credit to him.  Was nice to see Darragh get on the board too!”

Max King
Seven disposals, six marks, four goals

“I liked Kingy’s run and launch, especially when he can time it.  Those traits are outstanding, we know his flight at the ball when he launches at the highest peak is pretty special, so I liked that.  It’s his second game in, coming in off a knee, so the expectation for him is to just keep improving, keep competing strongly for us, and the marks and the other technical aspects will come.”

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Doulton Langlands
15 disposals, six kicks, three marks

“He’s another one who I’d add to that mix where I liked his explosive speed and pace and power.  Credit to our rehab guys and the way he’s been able to perform over the past couple of weeks.  He’s just another one who’s just got to keep building his confidence and keep trying to maximise his strengths.” 

Ben Long
15 disposals, eight kicks, four tackles

“I liked Longy’s game, inside.  He contributed really well for us, his aggression was there, his hunt was there, his speed, his tackling, his pressure and his ball use and decision-making was also very good.  Played his part strongly.”

Billy Longer
12 disposals, four tackles, 57 hitouts

“Billy competed well against Zac Clarke.  I thought some of his inside work was really good for us, he toiled away in there and gave our mids generally first use.  We weren’t always able to maximise, but he gave them that opportunity and gave us some good representation down the line.”

Bailey Rice
10 disposals, four tackles, two goals

“Bailey’s work and contest stuff was very good as usual, but for him to hit the scoreboard with two goals was pleasing.”

Sam Rowe
Six disposals, five kicks, two hitouts

“Sam battled on with an AC, but I thought he started really well before hurting his shoulder, which probably brought him back to the pack a little bit.  But his timing is starting to get back and his confidence in his body is showing, so I think he’ll take a bit to get going, but I think he’s able to condition himself and the more minutes he plays, the more confident he’ll be.”

Brandon White
21 disposals, 16 kicks, four marks

“Whitey’s been very, very good for us.  He’s got really good game sense in the way he’s been able to defend strongly and then use the ball when we need to use it well, whether it be a quick kick, or going lateral or around them.  He’s in good form and he put another strong one together.”