“Celebrate our history and rub shoulders with our future.” The Reimagine Moorabbin Campaign is in full swing and St Kilda CEO Matt Finnis has encouraged fans to throw their support behind the club’s return to their spiritual home.

Finnis spoke this week of the excitement and emotion attached to the return to Moorabbin and the important part members can play in making it happen.

“There are a lot of exciting things happening at St Kilda right now, but there are few projects that are more fundamental to our sustained success as a footy club than our Reimagine Moorabbin Campaign,” Finnis said.

Finnis is encouraging members and supporters to get behind the enormous fundraising effort to ensure the Saints can make the move home sooner.

“I haven’t met a Saints fan yet, who isn’t incredibly excited” Finnis concluded.

Make a tax-free donation to this historic project now and help bring us home to RSEA Park Moorabbin.