1 August 1992. Nearly 28 years ago. An entire lifetime for some, a blink in the eye for others.

Over 10,000 days have passed since the red, white and black took to the infamous muddy quagmire that we once called home.

This Sunday, we finally return. Let that sink in.

This is Linton St, Moorabbin, and the memories embedded in this turf run deep.

The Doc, Cowboy, Barks, Plugger, Winmar. The legends that shaped our story will always have a place here.

And this Sunday, they come to life again.

RSEA Park, Moorabbin. The name and signage shiny and new, the playing field pristine and now free of mud – but the memories remain.

A new era dawns as St Kilda’s historic first women’s team earns its place in our story.

Once again, generations will grow up watching the Saints play at Moorabbin. But this time, they’ll be cheering on a women’s side.

And for those that bleed red, white and black, the ritual is unchanged.

The gentle murmur that crescendos wildly into a deafening roar will once again return to the quiet side street in Moorabbin.

It’s footy, but not as we know it. It’s raw, pure and tribal. This is our home.

The Moorabbin days of old are ready to return. Will you reignite RSEA Park?