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You may have noticed a consistent theme with our Saints AFLW team, they all have a lot of love for their canine companions.

Whether it be helping out with recovery or providing some much needed post-match cuddles, our furry friends are never far from our side.

In a time where we could be spending more time at home, a dog is a wonderful companion and can provide numerous mental health benefits.

5 reasons why your dog is your best friend

Let’s take a closer look at the special bond shared between Kate Shierlaw & Archie, Poppy Kelly & Monty and Kate McCarthy & Nacho

Kate & Archie

“Archie is playful, cuddly and cheeky. He is the most beautiful, gentle dog that just loves everyone.”

Age: 1
Breed: Golden Retriever
Favourite Toy: Mums sleeves
What they love about their mum: Cuddles from mum are the best
What their mum loves about them: Cuddles from Archie are the best
Naughty habit: Getting overly friendly with people’s legs when too excited.
Qualities they would bring on a football field: High profile due to his good looks, ball winning abilities questionable
Diet: Eukanuba – Premium performance 

Poppy & Monty

"Monty is the most loyal and adoring friend, he is always up for anything whether that be a swim at the beach or watching TV on the couch.”

Age: 12
Breed: Border Collie x Staffie
Favourite Toy: Anything that squeaks
What they love about their mum: Mum takes me on long walks at the beach with my friends
What their mum loves about them: I give her unconditional love (as long as we have been on a walk)
Naughty habit: Begging for food from my grandparents because I know they are easy targets.
Qualities they would bring on a football field: Elite ball winning abilities but a bit of a hog.
Diet: Eukanuba – Senior all breed 

Kate & Nacho

“Nacho is my greatest little buddy. He is always there to greet me when I arrive home with so much excitement and love. I was unaware I could love something as unconditionally until I adopted him.”

Age: 4
Breed: Miniature Dachshund
Favourite Toy: Ball
What they love about their mum: My mum always gives me treats when she leaves the house because she knows I will miss her so much.
What their mum loves about them: She loves my cuddles, that’s why I am allowed to sleep in her bed.
Naughty habit: I like getting into the bin even though I know I am not supposed to.
Qualities they would bring on a football field: Ball magnet, very low to the ground so great at ground balls. Not great overhead. Not a great sharer of the ball either.
Diet: Eukanuba – Small breed adult