This week, Josh Battle talks us through some of his quirky habits, his warm-up buddy and routine and how his pre-game ritual has changed after relocating to Queensland.

What are your habits the night before a game?

I don’t have a set routine up in Noosa that I live by religiously the night before a game.

I do often have dinner with Jack Billings but normally opt for a pasta dish.

Then it’s usually a movie or something on Netflix. The Michael Jordan doco was one that was pretty regular earlier in the season.

JB actually gave me Roughy’s book for my birthday, so I might start reading that.

How about your usual routine on the day?

On the morning of a game, I always meet a mate for a coffee and a walk for about an hour with my dog Tex, before then having some Oates for breakfast.

Playing with Tex is great fun and relaxes me as well, so if it’s a night game, we might head out a couple of times before I head into Marvel Stadium.

Has a lot changed up in Queensland?

Yeah I am definitely missing my walks with Tex but I still go for a walk and grab a coffee before we jump on the bus. I like to sit at the front on my own and just chill out but sometimes I’ll sit with a good mate in Dean Kent.

Kenty is good value and pretty chilled so sometimes there is a few laughs but mostly I like to clear out on my own.

What music have you been listening to?

I’ll tune in to Spotify, and yeah listen to a bit of everything, a few classics, some R&B, and yeah whatever I come across.

Do you have any quirky superstitions?

I do wear a lucky pair of speedos – washed regularly of course – so yeah that would be one.

I am also a bit funny with cracks in the ground, so I will make sure not to step on them even though I know its pretty silly. I’ll also walk around things a certain way sometimes, or touch certain walls, which is just a little habit. 

Do you have any strict must-dos before a game?

I start with getting taped by the physios early and getting my gear on so I’m ready to go.

Then I’ll head out on the ground by myself, and go for a run to clear my head.

Then a little later, I always go for kick with Kenty (Dean Kent) and just muck around with him out on the ground. Then we usually stick pretty close to one another in the proper team warm up and yeah I just find that is the best way to mentally prepare.