I remember the first time Danny returned from an extensive bout of therapy, and he was so proud of himself and the progress he was making.

He was opening up to all of his close mates, and we were all privy to the new, sensitive and talking Spud.

One day, Harvs and I were asked – or more or less, summoned – to join Danny for some lunch down at a little café in Black Rock. Rob and I arrived a few minutes before him and we got ourselves a table.

Danny arrived and proceeded to pour his heart and soul out for over three hours.

None of us ordered a drink or a meal. We just sat and listened. And I mean, we listened.

It didn’t change how I felt for him, how I viewed him or how I saw him as a man. Not one bit.

I just wish Spud had done it earlier.

Spud's Mates

Spud's Mates

It has since dawned on me that day symbolises what the Time 2 Talk: Spud’s Game is really all about. It’s got to encourage both men and women out there that are suffering in silence to stop and seek out help.

It has to break down the age-old message that it’s a sign of weakness to openly talk about your feelings.

We have to get better at it.