This is a guy who was larger than life for so many of us at the club.

He was our captain, but he was more than a captain.

Any time you talk about family it’s hard. I feel like when you talk about the Frawleys, when I talk about the Frawleys, when my wife and kids talk about the Frawleys, we’re talking about family.

It’s raw still to talk about. It’s something that doesn’t leave you, and when you’re talking about someone who you feel like is a family member, that’s difficult.

His wife and his girls still mean so much to myself, my wife and my kids and they always will, so that memory lives on for us forever.

We just saw a tower of strength, and I know that sometimes he made himself look like that all the time, which would have been hard.

But that’s all we saw. We saw a guy who just gave everything to us, but also to the club.

Spud's Mates

Spud's Mates

People just struggle to comprehend that a guy who was so confident, so funny, so out there would go through these struggles.

But out of all this, we get a positive ray of light for everyone going forward to create awareness through a guy who, through his own courage, was able to start this journey.

Hopefully we can help finish it.

If I said that he’d be embarrassed or modest, I’d be lying.  I reckon he’d be that pumped that he’s got something named after him, he’d be thinking about time.

I know he’ll be up there and looking down going ‘that’s mine’.