After snaring their first win of the season against a spirited Williamstown side, St Kilda Development and VFL senior coach Jake Batchelor runs through each Saint that played in the Sandringham victory.

Jarryn Geary

18 disposals

St Kilda co-captain Jarryn Geary returned from injury. Photo: AFL Photos.

“Gears had a solid return.

“He played mainly on the wing, but you can put him anywhere and he will be good.

“He looked good on the ground, and he moved well.”

Luke Dunstan

36 disposals, two goals

Luke Dunstan celebrates a goal. Photo: AFL Photos.

“Luke had another awesome game, he had a few more uncontested possessions this time.

“His running was really good, and he was again important for us in the middle of the ground.

“A couple of goals as well rounded out a pretty strong day for him.”

Nick Coffield

Eight disposals

Nick Coffield flies for a mark. Photo: AFL Photos.

“Coff took a little while to find his groove, but he worked hard all day.

“He had a great smother late in the game when things were tight, and while he didn’t get a huge amount of the footy, he was solid down back for us.”

Paul Hunter

14 disposals, one goal, six tackles, 30 hit-outs

Paul Hunter was solid once again in the ruck. Photo: AFL Photos.

“Paul was great, his ruckwork is getting better each game.

“During the week, he went down to Sandringham’s training on Tuesday night, just so he could connect better with the mids.

“He’s really buying into the culture at Sandy, and it’s great to see.”

Ben Long

13 disposals

Ben Long grabs a mark. Photo: AFL Photos.

“Longy was good, especially after playing a quarter and a half of footy the night before,.

“The main thing was his attitude was outstanding, especially after probably not getting a huge amount of sleep the night before.

“He played five and a half quarters in about 13 or so hours, so he went really well.”

Shaun McKernan

Eight disposals, three goals

Shaun McKernan booted three majors. Photo: AFL Photos.

“Shaun had a solid game for us.

“He booted three goals and presented a target up forward.

“He actually hurt his shoulder during the third quarter, but managed to play out the game, which was important as he created a contest and made sure he was a target.

“His shoulder pulled up well too, so all in all, good game for Shaun.”

Mason Wood

29 disposals, two goals

Mason Wood had his best game to date in the VFL. Photo: AFL Photos.

“That is probably the best game I have seen Mason play.

“He kicked two goals, and picked up 29 touches, which was impressive.

“He moved well for a tall forward and got a lot of the ball. It’s the best game I’ve seen him play.”

Darragh Joyce

19 disposals

Darragh Joyce in the backline. Photo: AFL Photos.

“Darragh went well, he played on an opponent for most of the game.

“At the start, he probably gave a bit too much attention to his opponent, and strayed away from his game, but he worked his way into it.

“He was good for us and managed to grab 19 touches as well.”

Leo Connolly

18 disposals

Leo Connolly received a bit more attention this time around. Photo: AFL Photos.

“Leo was strong again, he got more attention this week, so it was a good learning experience for him.

“Teams are starting to notice his impact off half back, so he got a bit more attention, and didn’t have the same type of impact that he had in the previous couple of games.

“He was still good for us up and down the ground, but it was beneficial for him to see that not every week will be like the ones gone by, and how to deal with that type of attention.”

Oscar Clavarino

16 disposals

Oscar Clavarino was solid down back. Photo: AFL Photos.

“Clav was similar to Leo, he got a bit more attention this week, but he still impacted where he could.

“He was solid down back, and he was able to grab 16 disposals too.”

Sam Alabakis

Five disposals, 12 hit-outs

Sam Alabakis at training. Photo: AFL Photos.

“Sam wasn’t as good as he has been in the last couple of weeks, but he worked hard for us.

"His ruckwork is getting better, and he is constantly learning.

“It was another solid learning experience for him."

Matthew Allison

Four disposals

Matthew Allison continued his development. Photo: AFL Photos.

“Matty played down back for us again, and while he didn’t have a huge amount of disposals, he still did a lot of things right.

“Matt did the right things with his defensive patterns, and the things that you don’t necessarily see, he was doing well for us.

“Little things like decision making around whether he goes up for a ball, or stays on the ground to defend will come for Matt.”