“I got the letter to the National Combine, which was something I hadn’t even considered… I thought I was probably too old and past it. It was from that point on that things started to ramp up.”

Seven-game Saint Tom Highmore joins the Sounds of the Saints podcast, speaking exclusively about finding his place in the senior line-up, his decision to move from Canberra to Adelaide to continue his footy dream, as well as his friendship with ‘model citizen’ Jack Steele.

Listen to the full podcast through the media player below and watch exclusive video snippets in the accompanying slider.

Podcast guide

0:00 - Introduction
0:25 - The journey so far
1:44 - The Canberra local 
4:40 - Coming up the ranks in the NEAFL
5:27 - Jumping over to the SANFL
8:11 - A blessing in disguise
11:33 - Draft night and disbelief
13:11 - The 'Wilkie clone'
15:52 - Moving up the pecking order
18:53 - A well-earned debut
19:51 - A 'mixed bag' of a season
23:32 - Sammy Hamill and the backline crew
28:18 - All the rage in the AFL Fantasy world
29:30 - The year ahead