"That's probably one thing that I've never really had: a whole lot of self-belief. I always just pigeon-holed that side as being the captain. If you weren't that, then you can't be captain."

Co-captain Jack Steele joins the Sounds of the Saints podcast to talk about his first year at the helm and the challenges faced, not fitting the mould of what makes a traditional captain, his relationship with Jarryn Geary and hitting the road in his refurbished van.

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Podcast guide

0:00 - Introduction
1:14 - Friday night done right
2:50 - Weight off the shoulders and wearing responsibilities
5:23 - Year one at the helm
9:00 - Transitioning from player to skipper
10:20 - Gears the 'big believer'
11:25 - The two Jack Steeles
13:01 - Breaking the mould of your typical captain
16:18 - Some inspiration from Butts and a fresh set of wheels
18:56 - A tight-knit family
22:30 - Stepping in the right direction