"James Gallagher rang me again a couple of hours before the draft and said 'yeah, we're going to take you tonight, if you want' and basically gave me the option to say yes or no, which was quite bizarre because obviously I was going to jump on that!"

Mid-season recruit Cooper Sharman joins the Sounds of the Saints podcast to chat about his head-spinning journey to St Kilda, plying his trade right around the country in the hopes of being drafted, as well as the feeling of playing alongside Max King and Tim Membrey

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Podcast guide

0:00 - Introduction
1:02 - Third time lucky (and a goal to absolute peanuts)
1:43 - The weirdest of the bunch: an unconventional introduction
3:17 - The journeyman
6:26 - Throwing the hat in the ring for the mid-season draft
7:49 - "We're going to take you... if you want"
9:50 - A quick change of plans and straight up to Sydney
11:23 - Another call from Gags and straight into it
12:45 - The call-up to WA and debuting as the sub
15:12 - No crowd, no worries
15:55 - Stress-free footy
17:32 - Gelling with Mason, the forwards and the young brigade
19:00 - Wednesday is golf day
19:50 - Five games under the belt before pre-season No. 1 

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