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Southern Saints to join VFL Women's

The St Kilda Football Club is pleased to announce it will field a team in the VFL Women’s Competition in 2018, in partnership with the Frankston Football Club.

The Southern Saints are set to become an important part of the women’s football pathway in the Bayside region of Melbourne as St Kilda prepares for entry into the AFL Women’s Competition in 2020.

The move comes after the Seaford Football Netball Club, in consultation with AFL Victoria, opted to transfer its VFL Women’s licence to St Kilda.

General Manager of Football Performance Jamie Cox said the decision would ultimately build on the work of the Seaford Tigerettes and advance women’s football in the region.

“As the future structure of the VFL Women’s takes shape, Seaford have decided to focus on community football,” Cox said.

“The Tigerettes have done a great job in cultivating women’s football by providing most talented players an opportunity to test their skills against the best in Victoria.

“The time is right for a St Kilda team to enter the competition in partnership with the Frankston Football Club, who are returning to the VFL next season.

“There are more than 170 girls and women’s teams in the Bayside region, making it arguably the strongest talent base in Australia.

“Through the VFL Women’s, our addition to the AFLW competition in 2020, our next generation academies and existing community and school programs, the Saints can ignite incredible growth in female football and complete an important pathway to the highest level.”

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