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2018 Season Guide

The 2018 Season Guide is now available to be downloaded - St Kilda Saints,St Kilda
The 2018 Season Guide is now available to be downloaded

Our comprehensive season guide is a must-have for every Saints fan.

The 44-page E-booklet breaks down the Saints 2018 fixture, round by round, with all the information you need ahead of what is sure to be an exciting season. Explore our recent history against every opponent and re-visit memorable moments from years gone by.

You have never been so informed heading into a Saints season.

What's Inside:

  • Fixture highlights
  • Round by round.
  • Timeslot by timeslot
  • Stadium by stadium info.
  • Home fixture.
  • Team by team.
  • JLT Community Series
  • Saints on the rise
  • Etihad Stadium info
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