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Saints welcome outstanding fixture

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 13:  Jarryn Geary of the Saints leads his team through the banner during the round eight AFL match between the St Kilda Saints and the Carlton Blues at Etihad Stadium on May 13, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images/AFL Media)
Our supporters will also welcome the opportunity to watch live from the stands or their loungerooms with so many games on either Friday or Saturday night.
Matt Finnis

St Kilda supporters are today celebrating an outstanding 2018 AFL fixture, highlighted by inclusion in the Good Friday blockbuster and a host of matches in premium timeslots.

The Saints are scheduled to play three Friday night matches in addition to Good Friday and eight Saturday night games.

St Kilda CEO Matt Finnis said supporters would welcome the number of prime-time opportunities to watch their team play.

“To be part of Good Friday is a great result for St Kilda fans and we look forward to partnering the Kangaroos to support the Good Friday Appeal and make it one of the showcase games on the football calendar," Finnis said.

“Our supporters will also welcome the opportunity to watch live from the stands or their loungerooms with so many games on either Friday or Saturday night.”

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Among the 11 Friday and Saturday night games are three of the club’s features matches, all hosted by the Saints at Etihad Stadium:

  • Pride Game – Saturday June 9 (Round 12)
  • Maddie’s Match – Friday July 20 (Round 18)
  • 20th Anniversary Blue Ribbon Cup – Saturday August 18 (Round 22)

“We look forward to again celebrating pride and reaffirming our commitment to promoting inclusion against the Sydney Swans in Round 12,” Finnis said.

“Maddie’s Match and the 20th anniversary Blue Ribbon Cup will be other memorable nights in a season littered with highlights.”

The Saints will play six interstate matches in 2018, with two games scheduled at the new Perth stadium and one game each in South Australia, Queensland, NSW and Tasmania.

“The break-down of our interstate games gives St Kilda fans across the country an opportunity to watch the team play live,” Finnis said.

“Overall we believe we have a strong fixture that caters for ours fans and a platform to push towards a return to finals football.”

The Saints will begin their season against Brisbane at Etihad Stadium on Saturday March 24 before facing the Kangaroos on Good Friday in Round 2.

Alan Richardson’s team will play reigning premier Richmond twice, as well two encounters with GWS, Melbourne, North Melbourne and Hawthorn.

The mid-season bye is scheduled a little later than recent years, coming in Round 14 next season.

Fixture features:

  • Good Friday game against North Melbourne in Round 2
  • Three Friday night games
  • Eight Saturday night games
  • Interstate games in every state
  • Home night games for Pride Game, Maddie’s Match and Blue Ribbon Cup.
  • Only one Sunday twilight fixture

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