Head of List Management James Gallagher joins this special edition of the Sounds of the Saints podcast, recorded live as part of Saints Pass.

The Saints' head of recruitment wraps up the club's draft period and its outcome, reviews all six of our new draftees and answers your questions live on air.

Listen to the full podcast via the media player below, or watch the full video.

Podcast guide

1:40 - A weight off the shoulders
4:50 - Picking the right players
10:25 - Inside the Saints' draft hub
14:14 - A bit about our first-round pick, Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera
18:55 - Eyes on Mitch Owens and Marcus Windhager
26:45 - Oscar Adams: Another SA backman joins the crew 
31:36 - The stories of NGA duo Jack Peris and Josiah Kyle
36:30 - James Gallagher answers your questions live

48:40 Mins
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WATCH | Head of List Management James Gallagher recaps the 2021 Draft

Head of List Management James Gallagher joins this special edition of the Sounds of the Saints podcast, filmed live as part of Saints Pass.

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