2021 Fixture 

Round Date Opponent Venue Time
1 Sunday 2 May Hawthorn Boroondara Sports Complex 12:00pm
2 Sunday 16 May Essendon Boroondara Sports Complex 11:00am
3 Sunday 30 May Collingwood Boroondara Sports Complex 11:00am
4 Sunday 20 June Richmond RSEA Park 12:00pm
5 Sunday 18 July BYE - -
6 Sunday 18 July Hawthorn Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre 1:00pm
7 Sunday 25 July Essendon Boroondara Sports Complex 11:00am
8 Sunday 8 August  Richmond Boroondara Sports Complex 12:00pm
9 Sunday 15 August BYE - -
10 Sunday 29 August Collingwood Boroondara Sports Complex 11:00am


2021 Results

Round Result Goals Win/loss
1 St Kilda 12.5 (77) def. Hawthorn 10.5 (65) R. Smith 10, P. McKay 2 1-0
2 St Kilda 12.7 (79) def. Essendon 7.8 (50) N/A 2-0


Rules of VWFL

Wheelchair AFL is played between two teams of five (5), plus interchange players. The field is an indoor basketball or netball court and is divided into three zones: a centre zone and two scoring zones.

Players are restricted to which zone they can enter and are required to wear a coloured sash, armband or bib to differentiate themselves as either a forward, centre or back. 

Teams score by handballing or passing the football into their attacking scoring zone to the designated scorer, who can score a goal or behind by handballing the ball between the goal posts. A mark is awarded when the ball has travelled three or more metres.

A handball is equivalent to a kick as per Australian Rules Football and a thrown ball equivalent to a pass. The ball may not be thrown overarm.

The game consists of four 10-minute quarters with no time-on.