St Kilda’s AFL blind team are set to face off against the Bulldogs this Saturday in 2021 Grand Final as it looks bring home the club’s first ever VBFL premiership.

The Saints progressed to the big dance after defeating Essendon by 36-points in the semi-final and will head into the Grand Final undefeated for the season.

The match is set to commence this Saturday at 11:20AM from the Action Indoor Sports Centre in Tullamarine.

For those who can’t make the game, a live-stream will be available on the VBFL Facebook page.

How blind footy works

All players are categorised into 3 different categories depending on their visual impairment.

Category A players wear black out glasses/masks and have no vision at all. Category A players have a guide on the court to help them out with things like manning up on their opponents, line them up for goal etc. Category A players only oppose A players to make it fairer for them. Category B & C players are classed according to their impairment and skill levels, and they can line up on either Category.

Category A players are awarded 12 points when they kick a goal and 6 for a behind. Category B are awarded 9 points for a goal, 3 for a behind and C is like AFL - 6 for a goal & 1 for a behind. Category 

A players are awarded marks when the ball is hand passed into their torso - so when your A is playing forward, your aim is to basically hit them with the ball so they can get a shot on goal for 12 points.

At the start of the game the 2 opposing captains & coach discuss what categories they are playing - majority of our games last week we had 1 A, 2 B’s and 3 C’s, with the maximum of 6 players per side. The A players play one half in the forward line and then one half in defence giving the high scoring opportunity an even balance. 

They play with a modified Sherrin that has a buzzing sound so the players can hear the ball and know where it is.

There are also 2 “Rattlers” at either end of the ground and shake bells when the ball is within the 50m area to indicate the ball is close by.