St Kilda and Connect to Country have come together to ask Australians one question – where are you from?

For hundreds of years, Australians have stood on the grounds that have been the home to many different cultures across First Nations people.

In alignment with the club's commitment to furthering Reconciliation between Indigenous & non-Indigenous Australians, both the Saints and Connect to Country are encouraging everyone to not just recognise the Traditional Country that they’re on, but to understand what that really means.

One way for those to show their support and respect for the Traditional Owners is an Acknowledgement of Country.

Thanks to Connect to Country, you can follow these four simple steps to feel more connected to Australia’s roots and discover more about the traditional land that we walk on. 

Some simple steps to connect to country:

  1. Start your journey by learning the traditional names of the Country you live on. Ask friends to do the same.  Search the web or check your local council websites for more info.
  2. Engage with the local Traditional Owner group/s. Go to cultural events, use Indigenous businesses, support community organisations and see their Facebook pages.
  3. Record and share an Acknowledgement of Country clip of your own. Encourage friends to do the same.
  4. Like the Connect to Country page at Connect, hear stories, share and commit to your journey.

So, where are you from?