“If you go through every line, what pleased me the most that was that we had an even and consistent performance from a bunch of blokes who had a fair bit of grit about them.”

Fresh off the back of Sandringham’s exhilarating one-point win over Collingwood, coach Aaron Hamill spoke exclusively to saints.com.au and dissected the performance of every Saint.

David Armitage
14 disposals, 10 kicks, three tackles

“Solid again, Armo.  Had a heavy tag inside, was able to work through that and gave us really good composure.  But we thought late his leadership was good, we felt he contributed strongly in the midfield and worked hard.”

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Hunter Clark
28 disposals, 15 kicks, seven marks

“Hunter we know is going to be a very good player for us.  He’s working through a couple of things at the moment just to fine-tune, but he’s a good, strong performer for us.  I think games like this are a good confidence boost for him, but we’ve got to remember he’s in his second year.  A player that’s in his second-year, he’s going to have his peaks and troughs.  It took Seb Ross six years to get there, so we’ve just got to have a bit of patience and hang tough with him.  He’s another one though who’s outstanding in the contest and is working on a few things pre and post.”

Oscar Clavarino
Nine disposals, seven kicks, four marks

“I really liked Clav’s game.  He got into as the game unfolded, but he hasn’t played for 10 weeks and he’s in his second year.  He’s really keen to learn, he really commits his body and some of his positioning alone was very good and his key strength is his aerial assists, so he did that well too.”

Nick Coffield
14 disposals, 11 kicks, eight marks

“I thought Coff was pretty good in patches, showed composure as part of that back six.  I really liked his game from a positioning point of view.  We know what he can do with the ball, but he was able to position himself really strongly for us and fit in really well with the backs.”

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Nick Hind
20 disposals, 11 kicks, eight marks

“Hindy’s really enjoying his footy and you can tell by how he plays and how he’s able to move and cut through.  I thought he defended really well at the fall of the ball and finished really strongly for us.” 

Darragh Joyce
13 disposals, four tackles, four marks

“He’s part of the back six who I can’t speak higher of.  I’ve got a lot of admiration how he plays and commits himself to our system.  I think he and the back six certainly helped set the game up, and [Jackson] Hille is a part of that and so is [Jack] Noone.” 

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Max King
Seven disposals, four kicks, one goal

“Max got through really well in his three quarters of footy.  He hasn’t played for a long time, so we thought his competitiveness was strong.  There was a fair bit of discussion with Max before today, obviously the good thing about it is that he got through well.  We just want him to enjoy his footy and get back on the bike.  He’s a pro in every area he wants, he’s got a fair bit of drive about him and he’s keen to absorb a lot of information.  We know he’s got the talent but he’s certainly got the work ethic and drive to complement that.  Max is certainly a product of hard work and he’s keen to marry the talent and the work ethic up.  So far in his young and really infant AFL career, he’s shown some great signs and what’s pleased me the most about him is his appetite to work.”

Billy Longer
72 hit-outs, 18 disposals, four marks, five tackles

“I thought that was his best game, Billy.  Competed strongly, was aggressive, won hit-outs, got down the line and represented well for us.  He put his mids on his shoulders and carried them forward which was a really solid game for him.  Billy set the scene in there, and I thought he had an outstanding individual game and worked super hard for us in tight.  He was able to mark the footy for us and that grab at the end was just as important as a shot on goal.” 

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Jonathon Marsh
26 disposals, 21 kicks, 13 marks

“Marshy played his part really, really well alongside Darragh, Coff and Hind.  Very solid down back and his communication was particularly strong throughout.  We’re liking what he’s bringing to the table and it’s pleasing to see his growth in a short space of time.”

Bailey Rice
Five disposals, two tackles

“That’s all we ask from him [in competing up forward] with Rowey and now Max.  His moments will come, but he’s working harder, he’s getting to the better positions, his contest stuff is very good and he’s trusted.  We really like the direction Ricey’s going in.”

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Sam Rowe
Seven disposals, six hit-outs, two goals

“Rowey was outstanding up front and worked well with the small forwards in Wrighty, Foxy and Youngy.  I thought it was one of his better games and he got on the end and kicked a couple, so it was really pleasing to see.” 

Brandon White
25 disposals, 21 kicks, 11 marks

“He’s knocking at the door I would have thought for AFL selection.  He’s very good in the air, very good with our system and structure and we love what he does with the footy.  He’s a competent player, Whitey, and I’m pretty bullish on him playing AFL.”

Robbie Young
12 disposals, six tackles, one goal

“Some of Youngy’s positioning around front line and front of square was really good.  His pressure was outstanding based on our backs being able to cover the outlets, so I thought he was really good, Youngy.  He hits to hurt and he plays strong, good footy.”