St Kilda Development Coach and Sandringham Senior Coach Jake Batchelor runs through each AFL-listed player's performance following this weekend's VFL clash against Sydney.

On the game:

It was a bit similar to how we went against Essendon last week. We played well for three quarters but it was just that second quarter that hurt us. Sydney were strong on attack and we were poor on defence, and we couldn't hurt them when we went inside-50. It will be a good couple of weeks going forward with the bye to train, reset and then come out strongly against the Bulldogs.

Tom Highmore

35 disposals, 13 marks, four tackles

Tom Highmore. Photo: Mark Woods, Sandringham Zebras.

Tommy was impressive. He had eight intercept marks and was excellent with his communication across the backline. He got our ball movement going in the first quarter, so there was plenty to like. He had a couple of occasions where he gave away free kicks, trying to do the right thing and help his teammates in the air so we'll continue to work on his technique going forward. However, we were a bit undermanned down back, so he held his own and performed well. 

Tom Campbell

25 disposals, 43 hitouts, seven clearances, one goal

Tom Campbell. Photo: Mark Woods, Sandringham Zebras.

TC had another strong outing. He played like a big man and made an impact whenever he was near the footy. He competed well and if we had a few more Tom Campbell's out there, we might've been in a better spot. Once again, we were a bit undermanned in the midfield, relative to what we normally have, so Tom stood up for us.

Leo Connolly

20 disposals, four marks

Leo Connolly. Photo: Mark Woods, Sandringham Zebras.

Leo had a really good game. He didn't find himself in a heap of contests this week, just with the way the game was played but when he did, he was impressive. It can be so hard to play against a team that is bringing the ball so quickly into your defensive 50, so I thought he did well. There were a couple of times where he could've been a bit more assertive with his positioning, but all-in-all, it was a good game from him.

Jack Higgins

18 disposals, five clearances, one goal

Jack Higgins. Photo: AFL Photos.

Higgo came back to the VFL and he performed well. His defensive side of the game was something that stood out, it was a step-up from what it may have been over the past couple of weeks. We popped him in the midfield for a few centre bounces and he was explosive in there. He'll be putting his hand up for selection this week.

Mason Wood

13 disposals, one goal

Mason Wood. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

Mason had an improvement from last week. He was involved in our attack and better in the contest while also laying some good tackles. He was between both the forward line and the wing, he played his role well. He's another who will be putting his hand up for selection.

Dean Kent

15 disposals, two goals

Dean Kent. Photo: Mark Woods, Sandringham Zebras.

Kenty was similar to Higgo, he mainly played up forward but got some good spurts in the midfield for us. It is a good sign to be able to rotate these high half-forwards and power players into the middle to give us a bit of electricity in the feet. He set us up well defensively, he chased and tackled which eventuated in him booting a couple of goals. 

Jack Peris

14 disposals, one goal

Jack Peris. Photo: Mark Woods, Sandringham Zebras.

It was a quieter game for Jack, it wasn't a backwards step by any means, but just a similar game to last week. He is a fantastic runner and we saw that a couple of times where he was able to chase well and harass. He had an impact on contests and even got on the end of a goal. He is developing, he is improving and he is bringing something to the team each week. It is always a benefit to us and he is great to coach.

Max Heath

Six disposals, eight hitouts

Max Heath. Photo: AFL Photos.

Maxxy had a poor first half, we challenged him at the main break and he got going in the second half. The big fella can sometimes get in his own head, so it is those next steps for him to work on letting things go, not letting it fester and get ready for the next contest. It was pleasing to see him respond and keep looking forward. He offered us a good target going forward and was solid in the ruck in those last two quarters. Obviously he is a young bloke, so he'll keep developing and learning, from both a mental aspect as well as a physical one.

Matthew Allison

10 disposals

Matthew Allison. Photo: Mark Woods, Sandringham Zebras.

Matt had a good improvement. He played 50/50 on the wing and up forward, adapting well to both roles. His contest work is a growth aspect for him, but he is putting in the work and is starting to see rewards. He is beginning to clunk marks that he may not be pulling down a couple of weeks ago. It was a good step forward for Matty, we expect him to improve every week, even if it just by 1%. We'll be expecting the same in two weeks time to keep seeing that improvement. As I said, he is putting in the work, so the rewards will come.