What's your nickname?

"At Brisbane, I got called 'big girl', mainly because I'm quite small. Other than that, Exxy, just variations of that, really."

Which team did you first barrack for?

"Hawthorn. Ben Dixon was my favourite player when I was really young, then 'Hodgey' (Luke Hodge) once he started."

Favourite mobile phone app?

"Probably Notes, actually. I've got a terrible memory, so unless I write things down, it's gone. So that's pretty helpful." 

Which teammate would be your ideal Amazing Race partner?

"Probably Kate McCarthy. She's got a lot of energy, so we'd feed off each other, I reckon."

If you could be any AFLW player for a day, who would you be and why?

"Erin Phillips, so I could and play in the WNBA. That'd be pretty cool."

Outside of playing footy, what would be your dream job?  

"Travel the world for a living, not sure how. Maybe travel photography? But something where I could just travel constantly."

Worst teammate on social media?

"I reckon 'Sedge', Jess Sedunary, she gave us this presentation the other day about her Instagram history, and it was pretty funny. Very cringy."

Which songs are on your pre-game playlist?

"There's a bit of Eminem on there, it changes depending on what mood I'm in. But Eminem is always a classic."

Who is the coach's pet and why?

"I think maybe Tilly Lucas-Rodd, she answers all the questions. Sometimes Pete (coach Peta Searle) has to say, 'Tilly, let's hear from someone else.' So maybe Tilly at this stage, but it's pretty early to tell."

What's one thing most people wouldn't know about you?

"I'm a pretty open book, I think, but I really don't like the taste of mayonnaise."