With the AFL confirming State of Origin football will return as part of the industry-wide bushfire relief efforts, we’ve put together our all-time State of Origin sides. 

We’ve pitted the greatest Saints against each other in our own Victoria vs All Stars spectacle, with champions colliding in what would undisputedly be one of the greatest encounters of all time. 

Would the backline of Danny Frawley and Neil Roberts be able to combat the likes of Nick Riewoldt and Bill Mohr?  Could Tony Lockett outplay the legendary Verdun Howell?  Would Trevor Barker or Nicky Winmar soar highest?  And what about the epic battle through the midfield between Robert Harvey and Darrel Baldock?  The list is endless. 

With each player selected at the absolute peak of their powers, it’s more than a challenge to determine which star-studded line-up would come out on top. 

Have your say as to which team is best!


B: Kevin Neale Danny Frawley (C) Max Hudghton
HB: Trevor Barker Neil Roberts Gary Colling
C: Nick Dal Santo Nathan Burke (VC) Brendon Goddard
HF: Fraser Gehrig Stewart Loewe Tim Membrey
FF: Stephen Milne Tony Lockett Jack Steven
R: Carl Ditterich Robert Harvey Ross Smith
INT: Peter Everitt Leigh Montagna Jarryn Geary
  Barry Breen    
COACH: Brett Ratten    


All Stars

B: Barry Lawrence Verdun Howell Sam Gilbert
HB: Sam Fisher David Grant Jimmy Webster
C: Nicky Winmar Darrel Baldock (C) Ian Stewart
HF: Aaron Hamill Nick Riewoldt (VC) Justin Koschitzke
FF: Adam Schneider Bill Mohr George Young
R: Michael Gardiner Lenny Hayes Jack Steele
INT: Bradley Hill Brian Gleeson David Armitage
  Callum Wilkie    
COACH: Allan Jeans