No St Kilda fan needs a lesson in loyalty. We know how it reads.

One premiership: 1966.

Nearly 150 years of blood, sweat and sacrifice, and we’re still here.

We’re not out to re-write our history, nor forget it.

Ours is a story steeped in tradition, defined by heroes, moments, and an unwavering allegiance to the crest.

We walk on the shoulders of giants, of those who’ve gone before; The Doc, Barks, Spud. The legends that shaped our story. 

Like them, our loyalty has never faltered.

Written off, we rise.

Knocked down, we rise and rise again.

A new era dawns, and now it’s our turn to forge a legacy.

But we must unite, now.

Bound by red, white and black, we rise. This is our ritual.

This is bigger than just a game.

For every kid who dares to dream, for every believer.

For the flag-waving, scarf-wearing outer, and the chosen few who take the field.

For those who have gone before, and those still to come.

This is football’s greatest quest.

The drums are calling, and now the march begins.

Together we rise.