At a glance:

  • St Kilda began its annual Community Camp on Monday 2 March.
  • The Saints travelled far and wide over the past two days to lend a hand and give back to the local community.
  • See the full gallery below.

The Saints travelled far and wide all day Monday and Tuesday, spending time with the young and old all as part of the club's annual Community Camp.

From Monash Medical Centre, to Caulfield Primary School and all the way to Sages Cottage with Wallara, the entire playing group brightened people's days, lent a hand and gave back to the local communities.

See some of the snaps from St Kilda's 2020 Community Camp below.

Jimmy Webster, Jack Bytel and Seb Ross with huge Saints fan Abbey Beck at Monash Medical Centre.
Rowan Marshall signs autographs for students at Caulfield South Primary School.
Dougal Howard helps paint Sages Cottage with members of Wallara.
The Saints roll up their sleeves at Sages Cottage.
Callum Wilkie, Tim Membrey and Zak Jones swing by South Yarra Primary School.
The Saints grab a photo with members of Wallara.
Josh Battle lends a hand at Sages Cottage.
Ben Long jams with members of Wallara at Sages Cottage.
Jack Steele joins in!
Jimmy Webster, Jack Bytel and Seb Ross meet Hope Lake at Monash Medical Centre.
Bradley Hill pops on a fresh coat of paint at Sages Cottage.
Logan Austin, Jack Mayo, Paddy Ryder, Jonathon Marsh and Ryan Abbott meet with former Saint, Jack McDonald at Freedom Concierge Bayside.
Oscar Clavarino helps paint part of Sages Cottage.
Sam Alabakis gets a quick snap with some passionate Saints fans.
Nathan Brown, Leo Connolly, Max King and Ryan Byrnes catch up with Elizabeth just before her 89th birthday. Elizabeth had a fall on Friday and was hospitalised, but insisted she be released in time to see the boys.
Darragh Joyce hard at work at Sages Cottage.
Ben Long, Josh Battle and Jade Gresham at Sages Cottage.
Ben Long and Bradley Hill hit the tools at Sages Cottage.
A day with Wallara comes to an end.