What is your role at the Saints?

Head of Performance.  I'm responsible for managing the physical conditioning, medical and welfare teams within our program.

How long have you been involved in this field?

Over 20 years working in physical performance, strength & conditioning and exercise science within elite sport.

What are the best parts of your job?

  • Working closely with athletes as they develop through their careers; 
  • Being a part of their journey through the highs and lows of elite sport;
  • Sharing ideas with skilled professionals and continuing to grow personally due to the challenging nature of the industry.

What is the highlight of your career?

Creating lifelong friends through the many shared experiences that team sport provides, and working with footballers through their journey as young draftees, to then watching them develop into dominant athletes in their sport.

What will students learn about your field from the course?

  • The key elements required to structure a high performance program;
  • The importance of collaboration across many disciplines to achieve high performance;
  • How to optimise your chances of establishing a career in elite sport.

What is the best advice you’d give to a student who is interested/taking part in the course?

Maximise this rare opportunity to learn from experienced and skilled professionals.  It’s a great way to grow your knowledge and create networks within the industry.