What's your nickname?

I get 'Rhi', 'Big Rhi', or 'Trev' which is a bit of a joke that's gone around for a while. If you call my mobile phone, unfortunately the voicemail on there says, 'You've called Trevor' (from the previous owner of the number). I just can't get rid of it and now it's an ongoing joke. 

Whose number did you wear on your back as a kid/who was your favourite player?

I was a massive Saints fan growing up, obviously because they're the best team in the League. I wore No.7 initially because I adored Nicky Winmar and then it couldn't have been any better, I got Lenny Hayes after that.

What hobbies did you pick up during isolation/lockdown?

I started to cook a fair bit more especially with having the time and not having training and things like that. I spent Sundays going to the South Melbourne Market getting all the really good food. Apart from that, work took over. 

What's your most-used phone app, excluding social media?

It would have to be FaceTime. My sister has got three kids and I feel like they FaceTime me when they could be out kicking the footy or cooking dinner. This morning I got one because they got their advent calendars for Christmas and they called to tell me they've got chocolate. 

Which teammate would go far in MasterChef?

It would have to be Kate Shierlaw because she put up a snazzy picture the other day of, I reckon it was crab or some type of seafood. She got mixed results on the feedback to the post, but I think she's pretty handy in the kitchen. 

If you could be any AFLW player for a day, who would you be and why?

I reckon I'd be Darcy Vescio (Carlton), just because she's great fun, she has a good time and loves life. She's unreal at drawing and there's not much she can't do. I think her attitude and positivity and the way she goes about things is pretty cool. 

Worst teammate on social media?

It's got to be Chatty Kathy (Kate McCarthy) for sure. I can pretty much track what she does in a day. I know all of her good coffee spots, I think she's doing us all a favour telling us what's good and what's not, but I feel like I see 24 hours a day. Every time I open Instagram she's right at the top with her little circle shining with something new to watch. 

Which songs are on your pre-game playlist?

At the Saints last year our gameday song was Purple Hat so that's got to be up there. Me personally, I'm a bit more old-school, like a Teardrop. I love Flight Facilities. Darcy Guttridge is pretty good (as the pre-game DJ), Rosie Dillon also has excellent taste in music. We try not to let the young kids touch it because they put on some pretty bad stuff… There's only so many times you can put on (Justin) Bieber. 

Who is the coach's pet and why?

The obvious answer would be Tilly (Lucas-Rodd). She was the coach's pet last year and I don't think there's any others in contention. She answers all the questions in the team meetings and she's always switched on like that. I reckon she's got one more year as the coach's pet and then someone like Liv Vesely or even Tyanna Smith is going to be up there. 

What's one thing most people wouldn't know about you?

I've worked at KPMG for 10 years next month (January) in human resources. They're fantastic and really supportive of everything I've done (including playing volleyball for Australia) and they really help me to be able to do both (work and sport).