"Playing as a small forward, I guess it can be a hard position at times, but it's just that mindset of knowing your role and knowing that when you go, go with intensity."

Ben Long joins the Sounds of the Saints podcast from Perth to talk about his move back into the attacking half, the squad's week in WA and how enough is enough when it comes to racism.

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Podcast guide

0:00 - Introduction
1:04 - Life in Western Australia and camaraderie on the road
4:35 - Slotting back into attack
5:26 - The unexpected catalyst
6:30 - Playing both ends of the field
7:38 - The sacrificial role
9:30 - Team first footy and playing on the edge
11:28 - Executing the right roles
12:35 - The favourite forward
13:36 - When is it enough?
17:50 - A message for the Sainters back home