"I'll come off the track and check the phone and I'll have five or six photos of Wren from the last hour or so. It's something that I'm sure I'm just going to keep growing into and love her even more."

Co-vice-captain Tim Membrey joins the Sounds of the Saints podcast to talk about first-time fatherhood and the joy of his baby daughter Wren, the emergence of Max King and how he wears the responsibility a little bit harder as a leader of the club.

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Podcast guide

0:00 - Introduction
1:15 - 'That's not us': a look back on Friday night
2:54 - Fighting hard and not dropping the bundle
4:04 - Wearing the responsibility as a leader
6:06 - Wheeling around to Max King inside-50
7:40 - The pressure on a young man's shoulders
8:15 - Front-row tickets to the show
9:35 - The upside to Cooper Sharman
10:23 - First-time fatherhood and Wren
11:56 - A fresh perspective
12:55 - A father figure to Foxx and the 'strongest person (he's) ever met'
14:44 - Happy snaps and growing up at RSEA Park
15:58 - Finishing on the right note