"Respect is easily lost and hard to gain. For us to get a little bit back, I think it gave our players confidence in what we can do as a team and what we want to become."

Senior coach Brett Ratten joins the Sounds of the Saints podcast to talk about the challenges and lessons learned from the season just gone, the positives that emerged and the plans to build on those moving forward, plus earning back respect and "rolling up the sleeves" heading into 2022.

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Podcast guide

0:00 - Introduction
0:56 - A bittersweet feeling and a season of two halves
2:54 - The challenges of fatigue
3:40 - The big risk worth taking
7:16 - Driving change and dealing with expectations
10:22 - The positives from the young brigade
12:25 - Inside the coaches' box
14:51 - Not getting swept up in the footy bubble
16:09 - The art of coaching
17:34 - Ratts answers your questions
18:01 - Recharging the batteries
19:10 - Balancing individual and team needs
19:57 - Jack Steele's "outstanding" rise
20:39 - What does Ben Paton's return to the side look like in 2022?
21:26 - The biggest surprises from the season that was
24:39 - An overview on list strategy, draft and trade
26:52 - Rolling the sleeves up for 2022

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