Give yourself a sweet treat with INC's delicious chocolate protein balls, made by Jack Sinclair and Saints Head Chef Nicolas L'Eveille.

In order to maximise performance and muscle recovery, it's essential for athletes to get their protein fix. One easy way to do this is to make these delicious chocolate protein balls for a healthy kick!


500g pitted dates

130g almond meal 

120ml of almond milk (or water or coconut water)

15 tbsp cacao powder

120g of INC whey protein powder

35g shredded coconut OR 35g crushed peanuts, peanut butter


Add the almond milk, INC protein powder, cacao and dates (you can always add 1/4 of a cup of your favourite chocolate as well!) to your blender and process until combined.

Spread the coconut or crushed peanuts onto a plate.

Scoop the mixture into balls, drop them into the coconut and gently roll into a round ball, covering it in coconut.

You can enjoy the protein balls immediately or chill them to serve later!

*Tip: pop a bit of vegan peanut butter into the middle of the ball for an extra flavour hit! 

Meet Chef Nic

Title: St Kilda Head Chef

Favourite dish to make: Grandma's cassoulet (a French stew-like dish with meat and beans) that brings back happy childhood memories.

St Kilda’s new Head Chef has been cooking up a storm! Since joining the club in May this year, Chef Nic has been curating player's meals, catering for club functions, and designing delicious menus for the cafe at RSEA Park and much more. 

Look out for more recipes to come!