The Saints are committed to leading the way to impact the dismantling of long standing, systemic racism, discrimination & bullying still present in Australian society today.  

In collaboration with First Nations people, our community partners & the wider AFL industry, we aim to raise awareness of the ongoing & lasting effects of racism on individual mental health and wellbeing, creating measurable change. 

To initiate this change, in 2021 the Saints – in partnership with Dickson Films & VicHealth, produced the Ripple Effect Documentary. This piece of work shares the stories of prominent Indigenous athletes in Australia, and their experiences of racism, including Saints legend, Nicky Winmar. 

Secondary to this, the Saints will launch a formalised education program – Point & Be Proud in term 4, 2021. Leaning on a shortened version of the Ripple Effect Documentary as the centrepiece for discussion, the program seeks to raise awareness of the impacts of racism & bullying on mental health and wellbeing. It is also hoped that the program will provide Indigenous youth with the tools and resources to support their own mental health and wellbeing, should they experience racism or discrimination.

Sharing Nicky Winmars iconic stand at Vic Park in 1993 as the focal point, Point & Be Proud is an education program aimed at raising awareness of the ongoing mental health issues that can ensue from racism and bullying. Developed alongside Dr. Peter King, the program employs a Healthy Youth Development Framework to introduce key terms such as racism, discrimination & cultural competency, whilst creating a safe space for discussion.

The pilot phase targets year 7-9 students, attending State Government Schools in Victoria's southern region. Schools with a cohort of Indigenous students, as well as schools within the region that have identified recent incidents of racism within their cohort are targeted to deliver.