Dougal Howard will undergo surgery to repair a fractured wrist.

The 27-year-old underwent scans this week following the Saints’ win over North Melbourne, with results showing a fracture to his left scaphoid.

It’s believed the injury occurred in the first quarter, with Howard slipping in a chase and breaking his fall with his hand.

“Dougal is a tough player and managed to play out the game with some pain relief, but ongoing pain post-game led us to further investigation,” Acting General Manager of Football David Misson said.

“Scans yesterday confirmed the fracture, so he’ll have surgery tomorrow.

“We’ll monitor his recovery from surgery and that will allow us to map out a return to play timeline.”

Howard is joined on the sidelines by Bradley Hill (lung), Seb Ross (hamstring), Dan McKenzie (calf) and Max King (shoulder).

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