Get the latest insight from Sandringham Senior Coach and St Kilda Development Coach Jake Batchelor following Sandringham's Round 19 match against Box Hill.

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BOX HILL: 3.4 8.9 11.15 17.19 (121)
4.3 6.5 9.7 11.8 (74)

Box Hill: 
Grainger-Barras 5, Arundell 3, Waack 2, Phillips 2, Scrimshaw, Long, Koschitzke, Greene, Bennetts
Keeler 2, Allison 2, Peris, Membrey, Lohmann, Johnston, Hipwell, Heath, Hayes

Tim Membrey

Nine disposals, three marks, one goal

Great to have Tim back. He got through three quarters and pulled up really well. He was a bit rusty ahead of the ball finishing his work but got to some really good spots and defended well for us, which was what we wanted. 

Nick Coffield

18 disposals, five marks

Coff also got through really well in his second game back. He was a little bit off in some defensive decision-making but made some really good decisions with ball in hand and took us forward. 

Jack Hayes

Seven disposals, three marks, two tackles, one goal

Hayesy played a full game and competed really strongly. There wasn't a heap of inside 50s so he didn't get many opportunities to have clear one-on-ones but when he did, he won them. His desperation and pressure around the ball when it hit the ground was really pleasing and he played like a big man.

Ben Paton

23 disposals, six tackles, two marks

Pato played roughly 60 per cent back, 40 per cent midfield. He looked really good and strong in midfield and took us forward. His defensive pressure was really good - he's a really good runner, so we just keep imploring him to try use his running to get back and win the ground ball for us in defensive 50.

Tom Highmore

20 disposals, five marks

Tommy had a solid day. He didn't get beaten in any one-on-one contests but our defensive-50 defence on a whole was poor and I expect Tommy to be the leader back there and just tighten up positioning - we gave them too much space. I'm looking forward to seeing him respond this week with really hard and tough defence.

Olli Hotton

18 disposals, five marks, four tackles, four clearances

Olli is starting to put some good form together in the midfield focussing on his two-way running for as long as possible. When he's around the ball he'll naturally win it or put on pressure, so the focus is decision-making to go and outnumber and help versus setting up to attack or defend. He's improving each week.

Max Heath

16 disposals, 14 hit-outs, three marks, four tackles, two clearances, one goal

Max was our number one ruck in the first half then played more as a forward in the second half. His aerial contests are improving but his technique is still a big focus - he's getting pushed out of the way a little bit just by his body positioning, so we'll keep working on that. Endeavour is great with Max, we just need his technique to tighten up and he'll turn an OK game into a very good game quite easily.

Jack Peris

17 disposals, five marks, three tackles, three clearances, one goal

Jack's focus has been his live and set defence, and he's improving on that each week. He looked good with ball in hand and he's learning to make some really smart decisions ahead of the ball. He's getting better each week.

Isaac Keeler

Nine disposals, four marks, four tackles, four hit-outs, two goals

Keels had a bit more ruck time this week with Tom Campbell only playing the second half. His jumping ability in the centre bounce is scarily good - he grabbed it out of the ruck, got his own clearance and ran to kick it inside 50. He's got some really good athleticism so we'll keep bringing that to the fore and make sure he gets some good ruck minutes to end his year.

Leo Connolly

23 disposals, three marks, four clearances

Leo played 60 per cent midfield and 40 per cent defence - opposite to Pato. Similar to Olli in that he's improving each week - his running is improving and his decisions to go and impact versus setting up is something he's doing a lot of work on with BJ (Brendon Goddard) and doing a really good job at. He's getting the ball in his hands more and we're getting good looks out of it. We want the good kickers to have the ball and he's one of them.

Matt Allison

10 disposals, two marks, two goals

Fruity kicked the first goal of the game as a winger. He probably didn't have as big an impact as he did last week and faded in his running, which is usually his number one weapon, so we'll get back to him being his running best next week. He was strong in the air and defended well.

Oscar Adams

14 disposals, seven marks, two tackles

Oscar probably had an off day compared to the standards he's set himself for the whole year. He was a little bit reactive in decision-making behind the ball and a bit slow to take best position and find body but his decision-making with ball in hand improved. We just want him to be composed as much as possible and he did that really well, so if we can just tighten up the defence, he'll be going in the right direction.

Tom Campbell

10 disposals, 14 hit-outs, six clearances, two marks 

TC only played the second half being the carryover emergency. He came in and really set the tone, winning an equal-high clearances with half a game of footy. He competed really well and got his hands to some really good aerial contests. 

Angus McLennan

10 disposals, three marks

Fourth or so game back for Gus and he does the defensive basics really well. He's such a weapon in the air, so we'll keep backing him in to play on instinct and make some good calls. He's clean with the ball in hand and has really good defensive technique, so we've got a good player to keep working with.