Get the latest insight from Sandringham Senior Coach and St Kilda Development Coach Jake Batchelor following Sandringham's Round 20 match against Northern Bullants.

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SANDRINGHAM: 5.4 9.6 14.8 20.11 (131)
NORTHERN BULLANTS: 1.2 2.5 3.6 4.8 (32)

Membrey 4, Keeler 3, Peris 2, Heath 2, Campbell 2, Paton, O'Leary, Lowe, Lohmann, Hipwell, Hayes, Bytel
Northern Bullants: Maley, Fairlie, Clarke, Barling


Tim Membrey

20 disposals, 12 marks, four goals

Tim performed really well in his second game back. He looked really good physically - his max speed efforts were up, he looked powerful jumping at the ball, he was really explosive and he kicked straight. Really good to get Tim back playing really good footy.

Jack Bytel

35 disposals, nine marks, six tackles, one goal

Jack played three quarters as an inside mid then one quarter on the wing and got his hands on the ball a lot. At times he tried to distribute the ball too much when he can kick the ball and go forward, but he had a solid day. 

Nick Coffield 

25 disposals, six marks, two tackles

Coff had a really good bounce back game from last week. His numbers look good but he also defended really strongly, finished his work and got back to support his teammates on the ground. He set us up from the back half in a really solid game played the right way. 

Jack Hayes

18 disposals, five marks, five tackles, one goal 

Hayesy had a really strong, competitive game. He probably didn't get the same lick of the ice-cream as the other key forwards did but he competed all day, chased, harassed, and took some nice contested marks when he was one-on-one. 

Tom Campbell

24 disposals, 30 hit-outs, four marks, three tackles, two goals 

Tom had an enormous game. He had a really strong week on the track and didn't have any obstructions being an emergency so could fully engage with the VFL program. He's tough, he's physical and he brought other players into it as well. He's playing good footy at the moment and it's good to get a full game into him.

Ben Paton

25 disposals, six marks, four tackles, one goal

Pato played three quarters as a back and one as an inside mid. He was strong over the ball, took us forward, and had a couple of missed tackles last week that he rectified. He's playing some good footy at the moment so he just needs to keep knocking on the door.

Leo Connolly 

25 disposals, four marks, four tackles

Leo played three quarters as an inside mid and one at half-back, opposite to Pato. I've got full confidence when we chuck him to half-back he'll find the ball and take us forward. He's getting better with his stoppage work and his contest consistently each week, so we just need him to keep sticking at it.

Jack Peris

20 disposals, four tackles, three marks, two goals

Pez had a solid game. He hit the scoreboard twice from correct structure getting front and centre like small forwards do and his pressure was first class. He got some outside ball as well which he hasn't been known for in the past.

Isaac Keeler

15 disposals, five marks, four hit-outs, three goals

Keels kicked three goals as a forward and was competitive in the air. He got more ruck time this week - he's really exciting at centre bounces, he can jump and his follow-up is really strong as well. It was a positive step forward for him.

Olli Hotton 

17 disposals, eight tackles, three marks

It wasn't the biggest game for Olli so far. We got beaten at stoppages by the Bullants and Olli would be disappointed he was playing midfield for a lot of that. It's a good opportunity to bounce back in the stoppage side of things next week as it's going to be the hallmark of his game.

Max Heath

10 disposals, 11 hit-outs, two marks, two tackles, two goals 

Moose had an almost game. He almost could've teared it up - he got his hands to a lot but just didn't finish his work. He still ended up with two goals and competed strongly in ruck and ahead of the ball, but he didn't finish his work as much as he'd like and we're starting to expect that from him now, not just to compete but to finish his work. His intent to get better is always there. 

Angus McLennan

13 disposals, eight marks 

Gus had a solid day playing a bit more as a key defender without Tom Highmore. He had some aerial contests where he looked out of it but just managed to find a way to fight and scrap with smart positioning and use of the angles. He sets up well and his communication improved this week, which was a big focus for him.

Oscar Adams 

10 disposals, five marks, five tackles 

Oscar took the mantle as the number one key defender this week without Tom Highmore. He halved his match-up - I don't think he won but I don't think he lost. There were a couple of contests he'd like back but he's doing a lot right. 

Matt Allison

Nine disposals, four marks, three tackles

Matt didn't have a massive game stuck out on the wing at times. He was running that much that we finished him up just after three quarter time. He's so diligent on the wing and we'll keep imploring him to play his role and bring his flair and talents to the table.