Brad Crouch with the Western Saints - one of the many club's many supporter groups across the country.

This week is Saints Say Thanks week, and to celebrate, we'd like to acknowledge the hundreds of volunteers who go above and beyond to make the St Kilda Football Club a special place.

Without their hard work behind the scenes, the Saints wouldn't be able to take the field and have the impact they do across the community.

Our dedicated volunteers help in many ways, barracking in the cheer squad, making and transporting banners for game days, documenting 150 years of history through our heritage museum, coaching mini-Sainters in our junior academies, assisting in our social club at games days and events, and gathering support across the country with interstate supporter groups, among other things.

Banner-making with the St Kilda cheer squad for the club's 150th anniversary game in Round 3 this year.

To celebrate one of our biggest volunteer groups, we recently produced a video feature with the Angels.

Since their inception in 1986, the Angels have donated thousands of dollars to the club in various ways, including sponsoring numerous players and purchasing memberships that are given away to disadvantaged people and charities.

The Angels also volunteer their time in preparing lunches and dinners for the Saints' AFL and AFLW teams every week, and assist with club events and barbecues throughout the season.

Check out the feature on the Angels below.