Get the latest insight from Sandringham Senior Coach and St Kilda Development Coach Jake Batchelor following Sandringham's Round 22 match against Williamstown.

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SANDRINGHAM: 6.0 10.3 11.4 16.6 (102)
WILLIAMSTOWN: 0.1 2.5 7.6 10.7 (67)

Hayes 6, Gown 2, O'Leary 2, Caminiti 2, Owens, Hipwell, Heath, Billings
Williamstown: Ottavi 3, McDonald 2, Triffet, Preston, Ktona, Cox, Colenso


Jack Hayes

13 disposals, six goals, four marks, three tackles, three hit-outs, two clearances

Jack obviously kicked six goals but his ability to compete and fight ahead of the ball was a highlight. He played like a big man, kicked really straight and rucked in forward 50 really well.


Nick Coffield

21 disposals, four marks

Coff played a strong game at half-back. He squeezed the ground really well, defended well in contests and started the game like a house on fire. Overall he had a solid game and defended really hard.

Jack Billings

24 disposals, four tackles, three marks, three clearances, one goal

Jack played as a forward this week. He was really diligent as there were multiple actions we needed to see from him for that role. He got on the scoreboard and more importantly set up some really good shots for his teammates, playing a really selfless role.

Ben Paton

22 disposals, eight tackles, seven clearances, three marks

Ben played the full game as an inside midfielder. He was tough, clean, and his body work was really good for a fresh face in there. We saw some good things from Pato.

Anthony Caminiti

11 disposals, seven marks, three tackles, two goals

Caminiti started on fire. His kicking was inconsistent but he kept flying at the ball - took six contested marks and was a real presence for us ahead of the ball. He got the lick of the ice cream at times but also played a really good team role and supported his teammates in the air ahead of the ball.

Max Heath

11 disposals, 11 hit-outs, eight marks, two tackles, one goal

Max probably had the best game of his season. He got down the line, took four contested marks and five marks off opposition kicks. He got to big man spots most of the day and his centre bounce ruck work in particular was really strong - it was great to see, he jumped and got over the top of a really quality ruckman.

Tom Highmore

17 disposals, seven marks, four tackles

Tommy had a solid day. He found the balance of defending hard versus guarding the space out there and his leadership behind the ball was very strong.

Ryan Byrnes

19 disposals, seven tackles, four clearances, two marks

Ryan played the first half as a wing and was very diligent with his running patterns all day. He couldn't get involved too much and we needed some speed on the ball in the inside, so we moved him in there and he got going. He was clean and tough but his running was what set him apart.

Tom Campbell

19 disposals, 33 hit-outs, seven clearances, three marks, three tackles

Tom had a really strong game playing 50/50 ruck/forward. When he was forward, he competed well against their key backs and he put us on his shoulders in the last quarter when we were under the pump. 

Leo Connolly

15 disposals, one mark, one tackle

Leo went to half-back this week. He didn't get heaps of the ball but he was damaging and set up some really good plays for us. He defended really well - we had a clear team defence focus and he adhered to it better than anyone, so that was really pleasing to see.

Jack Peris

12 disposals, one tackle

I'm really proud of Jack's performance. He was touch-and-go entering the game with a little injury issue but he mentally switched on, ran his heart out, competed and added a real physical grunt to his game this week rather than just trying to outrun his opponent. He got physical and aggressive, and it was great to see. 

Jack Bytel

11 disposals, three tackles, two clearances, one mark

Jack played just over a half as an oblique injury curtailed him. He was tracking really nicely, was physical at stoppage and ran really well so it was disappointing he couldn't finish the game off. His attitude and leadership on the bench was outstanding.

Oscar Adams

10 disposals, six marks

Oscar had a really solid game. Defensively, he reacted quicker than he has previously which is a step in the right direction. There were a few aerial contests where he'd like his time again and gave away free kicks, so he just needs to tidy up the finer details but all in all he was good.

Angus McLennan

Nine disposals, four marks, two tackles 

Angus played a solid game. He didn't stuff the stat sheet but his positioning was strong and he contributed strongly. 

Olli Hotton

Nine disposals, four tackles, three clearances

It was a quiet day for Olli as an inside midfielder. His legs were a bit tired and sore, so we probably didn't see that burst that we've seen over the last few weeks. 

Matt Allison

Nine disposals, four tackles, three marks

Matty played a full game on a wing. He was a little bit more involved this week and took three intercept marks off the back of good positioning and backing himself in. We just keep imploring him to play the game and let instinct take over.